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Image via Wikipedia WHAT’S IN YOUR NICHE? The one-million-worth question in niche marketing business is “what’s your niche?” This is the fundamental requirements before starting your business. Here are some advices from expert marketers. 1. Your interest or hobby - Doing the things you like to do or the things you really enjoy will greatly reduce the effort you needed to exert. - When the niche business that you choose is in-line with your interest, you can treat it as a hobby, not work and of course you can generate a lot of ideas. Also, you may already have an access to the market, because basically, you actually belong to that niche. 2. Hot Niches - Choosing a hot niche or a niche market that is fast growing can be your gateway to success. How many of us will have the idea that social networking will be a big boom in the internet? Facebook did realized early, and look at it now, a billion dollar worth company. Yes, choosing a niche market that align with your interest an