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Cebu Pacific Promos: How to Get the News Fast?

Image via Wikipedia I really love Cebu Pacific promos . It saves me a lot of money. For example, this December, I am travelling to Manila only for 200 pesos. Wow! Before, I used to spend more or less 2000 pesos (one-way) just for the airfare. This marketing strategy of Cebu Pacific caused them to win the competition regarding long distance transportation. It not only dethroned the former market leader Philippine Airlines (PAL) , but it also stole the market of passenger shipping lines. And the best thing about these promotions is that the end consumers are the ones who benefit the most because it drives down the prices of travel via airplane. Promos Are Lasting Earlier Than Before To avail these promotions though, you have to book during the allowed booking period scheduled by them. So this requires you to know firsthand whether there’s a promo. Although the news about their promos is spreading crazily fast like viral infection, you can’t guarantee that the news will reach you in t

Internet Transactions: Dos and Don’ts

As I always mention in this blog, “everything is moving into the web”. And as I mentioned in my last article about PayPal, “the crooks are following the trend”. Yes, many evil-minded people are surfing the net looking for opportunity to do harm to others. So how can you avoid being a victim? Here are some simple tips on how you can surf and transact safely in the web. Safety Tip Number 1 DO NOT transact on a website you do not trust. There are many fraud online stores offering extremely attractive offers at a very low price. Some of this are true but beware of those “many” that are not. Transact only in a website that you trust. Safety Tip Number 2 Look for Valid Web Certificates


PSE in Makati. Image via Wikipedia Are you interested in stock trading ? Well, nowadays, more and more people are getting interested in the topic of personal finance . In the Philippines, though, many people are still uneducated in this very important topic. Probably, one of the “benefits” of the recent economic recession is the increase in awareness in how people should manage their finances. Yes, before, words such as “ stocks ”, “ mutual funds ”, and “ bonds ” are rare topics of discussion and are only mentioned by business savvy people. Now, even kids know about it and even talk about it. Among the many ways you can invest is through stock trading . In simple terms it’s like a buy-and-sell business. You buy stocks when they are at low price then sold them when it already increased in value. The hard part is: stocks are fluctuating . It changes in value from time to time and many factors are affecting it. It’s of higher risk compared to mutual funds and bonds. I will admit that

CREDIT CARDS: My Personal Learning

Image by liewcf via Flickr It was almost a year now since I first used my credit card . Although I already received it months before, I only used it several months later. The main reason behind my reluctance is a mix of skepticism and fear that I may misuse the card and mismanage my debts. Anyway, almost one year after my first use, I have learned many things from it. I have learned some of the GOOD and some of the BAD sides of it. I wrote this article especially for those who are not using credit cards, for those who are planning to use credit cards, and for those who have just started using credit cards . Here are some of the things I have learned. 1. Credit Card is a great convenience! Yeah, probably one of the greatest advantages of having a credit card is the convenience it may give you. You don't need to bring cash all the time when you do shopping, all you need is your card. Also, credit cards are good for emergency cases. There are situations when you badly nee

PayPal-Fast and Secure Way of Paying Online

Internet has changed the way we do business today! Everything is going into the web. Now you can purchase virtually everything you need in just a click of the mouse. Online stores enable us to shop without actually stepping into the store! We can now send and receive money by electronic fund transfer which most banks today can already provide. We can pay our utility bills like telephone, water and electricity through online payments. Even our monthly credit statements may now come in digital format thus saving paper for our environment. Business and personal transactions has never been this easy, convenient and efficient as ever before. Image via Wikipedia Although the danger of physical robbery has been minimized by online methods of transaction, the need to be vigilant is also a must when it comes to web based transactions. Along with the development of ecommerce technology, the crooks are also developing their “web-based” theft. Viruses and other malicious programs designed to