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TIPS: 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Trip to Hong Kong!

I traveled to Hong Kong last February this year, and that's my second vacation and 7th time there. Most of the time, I'm just passing by on the way to other destinations, so I know what I'm saying. So here are some  tips to save money in Hong Kong. Hong Kong as viewed from The Peak 1. Book a cheap lodging place Hong Kong has one of the most expensive real estate, if not the most costly. You would understand then that renting a place there is so expensive. But because of the economy of scale, meaning the sheer number of tourists, some hotels could lower their prices to keep up with the competition. If you're not sensitive to the room size, you can have a  decent place to stay for just 1000 pesos per person per night . It could be lower if you're in a group of 4 to 6. Book using agencies such as or to see many options. In my previous stays in Hong Kong, I stayed at  Apple Inn in Mong Kok  and  KG Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui . Both offered

PROMO: As Low as 199 Pesos Base Fare from Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific announces a new promo offering as low as 199 pesos base fare on selected destinations, particularly several Cebu routes. The lowest fare is from Cebu to Tacloban or Kalibo but promo fares are also offered in other destinations such as Tandag, Davao and Iloilo. The fares for flights to China via Xiamen, Hong Kong and Shanghai were also discounted significantly. The travel period is from October 15, 2018 - January 31, 2019 for domestic and October 26, 2018 - January 31, 2019 for international flights. Promo is open until August 31, 2018 or until promo seats last. The complete list of promo fares can be seen in this link: Tickets can be purchased online via or via their ticketing office. No Credit Card? No Problem The biggest concern for many who wanted to avail of the promo fares is the absence of a credit card. While it's true that credit card payment is the best option out

PROMO: Philippine Airlines Announces 199 Pesos Seat Sale

Philippine Airlines followed suit with a major competitor and announces their own version of a 199 Pesos seat sale promo. Yes, for as low as 199 pesos you can fly to selected domestic and international destinations on this travel period: September 16 , 2018 to March 31, 2019. The promo poster screenshot is shown below taken from PAL's website. The promo is up until September 2 or until seats under this promo are all taken. So, basically you have a week to book. But of course, promo fares on "good dates" like weekends or holidays are easily sold out. So there's a reasonable degree of urgency on this matter. Bu the way, you can book your tickets online at or at any PAL ticketing office. Since they're close tonight, it's best to book online NOW. For a complete detailed list of how much per destination and specific travel dates, you can visit this page. Base

Cebu Pacific Announces 199 Pesos Promo

Cebu Pacific announces a new set of promo fares to selected domestic and international destinations. The promo base fare is as low as 199 pesos. Coupled with other fees, the all-in fare will be around 900 pesos inclusive of the terminal fee. The domestic travel period is from September 1 to December 16, 2018.  For international flights, the travel period is  February 1 to June 30, 2019. Cebu pacific's 199 Pesos Promo You can book your tickets online at or at any Cebu Pacific ticketing office. This promo is up until August 26, 2018 or until promo seats last. Back to Base Fare Display Cebu Pacific is once again back to displaying base fares instead of all-in fares which they used to do in a couple of years past. While reason is not stated, it's possible that the rising prices of terminal fees and other administrative charges may have some contribution. For example, in this 199 Pesos promo from Cebu to Tacloban, the cost of terminal fee in Ce

Cebu Pacific Announces 799 Pesos Promo

Boracay is set to be opened for the general public this coming October 26, 2018. And to spice up that event, Cebu Pacific is offering 799 Pesos promo from Manila, Clark or Cebu to Boracay island either via Caticlan or Kalibo . The travel period is of course from October 26 and will be until December 31, 2018 . And the timing can't be better since that period is so packed with holidays. For example, November 1 and 30 both fell on a weekday and very close to a weekend. Employees are sure to rejoice over this year's arrangement of matters. Boracay island in October 2015. Aside from the Boracay flight, there are also promo fares for other destinations. For example, flights to and from Cebu costs just around 1000 pesos. To book your tickets, you may go directly to the website or through their ticketing office. Promo is up until August 20, 2018 or until seats last. No Credit Card? This is the age old concern of many people but it's bee

Philippine Airlines Announces Promo For September 2018 Flights

UPDATE: This promo is extended until August 24, 2018! Philippine Airlines (PAL)  announces a new promo offering as low as 488 pesos base fare on select destination. The travel period is from September 1-30, 2018. Both domestic and international destinations are on sale.  The booking period is from August 10 to 17, 2018 or until promo seats last. You can book your ticket at the PAL's website or visit any PAL ticketing offices nearest you. Here’s a screenshot of the promo poster taken from PAL’s website. The complete list of destinations can be found here. Recommended Place to Visit This month of September, I would like to recommend the following destinations: Taiwan It will not require a huge budget. Taiwan is cheaper than other typical Asian destinations such as Singapore, Japan or South Korea. And all the more you should visit the country, because of the no visa policy . They recently extende

FREE Calls to Your Favorite Fast-food Chain on Globe Phones

In the age of mobile apps and ordering via internet, people are increasingly going from "calling" to "tapping and clicking" their fast food orders. The arrival of Honestbee , Foodpanda and just recently, Grab Food is a testament to how much this trend is growing. The visual effect these apps provide has a huge advantage over voice only "call". In an apparent attempt to pull back some users in using the hotlines, Jollibee Group teams up with Globe Telecoms to allow free calls on their Globe handset to order from their favorite fastfood. Yes, even without a load , you can make a call to the Hotlines. Here's the promotional poster. Just dial these numbers to order: Jollibee - #87000 Mang Inasal - #71111 Chowking - #98888 Greenwich - #55555 Burger King - #22222 For more information check this link

How to Set an Appointment with SSS Online?

To avoid long lines in SSS Offices, you can use their online services to set an appointment before going there. Here's the steps to do it. Note: SSS stands for Social Security System, a government owned and controlled corporation serving as a statutory insurance service for private individuals. 1. Log-in to . In the login tab in the menu, you can select SSS Login and you'll be greeted with this interface. Use your username and password to login. In case you forgot either or both your password and your username, just click the appropriate link. In case you haven't registered for an online account, click the appropriate button to register. 2. Once you have entered your account, hover over to Members Profile and select the Appointment System link under it. 3. Select from the drop-down menus the Purpose of your visit, the Region , and the SSS Servicing Branch you wanted to visit. 4. Select a date from the calendar provided and