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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Review

Image via Wikipedia Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is officially the hottest movie today! Grossing over $200 Million in the US box office on its first five days, it ranked second and very close to the all time highest first five-day earnings, the 2008 block buster Dark Knight which earned 203 Million. Amidst the criticism from movie reviews, the movie still made its way to the top. Indeed, director Michael Bay is the happiest man in the world at this moment. I personally witnessed the incredible reception to this movie. Last weekend, Saturday (June 29, 2 009), I decided to watch the movie in my hope that the movie goes had slowed down already since it was first shown a few days ago. To my surprise and annoyance, I have to line up to the ticket booth for almost an hour just to secure a lower seat because that’s all that was left. All four theaters are filled with people anticipating the display of advanced special effects and the action packed story that was first manifest

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Image via Wikipedia On June 24, that’s Wednesday next week, will be the premiere of one of my favori te movies—Transformers. Back on the first movie , Transformers , we see breathtaking and non-stop action that nailed our attention from the beginning to the very end.Yes, that’s the mark of the movie by Michael Bay. Now on its sequel, I’m one of the millions of people around the globe with great expectations on how the movie will compare with the first. Will it take us to another level of awe? Or we’ll just leave the movie theaters regretting about the money we’ve spent? On Wednesday nextweek, all questions and doubts will finally be answered. Glimpse on the Story Sam Witwicky is back and he will discover something about the origin of the Transformers. He will be the target of the remaining Decepticons because of that information. Remember the raptor that escapes after the Decepticons were defeated on the first movie? Yes, he’ll be back and again playing the role of the bad guy. Th

Bantayan Island-A Patch of Paradise

If you want to release all the stresses and the pressures that you are feeling right now, Bantayan Island is the place you may be looking for. Bantayan Island Location Bantayan is a small island loacted on the northern tip of Cebu, Philippines. From the city, it can be reached, first by a two-hour bus travel to the port, then an hour of sea travel in a two-decked barge. Bantayan Beach Resorts Bantayan island is home to world class beach resorts. With fine grained white sand and crystal clear waters, you will truly enjoy their beaches. Added to the relaxation is the fact that the beaches are not crowded, so you can find time to for yourself to reflect. If you have your family with you, it's the perfect time to talk about things we usually forget due to the busy life on the city. I have been to Bantayan Island last April and I'm very satisfied with my experience there. Cost No need to worry much about the cost, it's very cheap. With $100 (P5000)