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How to Enroll An Account to BPI Express Online Banking?

Online banking has many benefits. One of them is convenience. You do not need to go to the nearest ATM or branch to do your transactions. And typically, online banking facilities are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that you can transact anytime and anywhere just as long as you have an internet connection. BPI Express Online Banking Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the first few Philippine banks that embraced online banking. Their online banking facility can be accessed at . Here are some of BPI Express Online capabilities: (1) Transfer funds within your accounts or to third party accounts (2) Pay your bills (credit card, Meralco, phone bills...etc) (3) Manage your BPI Asset Management investments (4) Pay your taxes (5) Reload your prepaid phones (6) Update your account information (7) Other services How to Enroll Your Account? 1. In your web browser, go to , and click the Enroll butt

5 Things I like with BPI Service

I have experienced using many bank services in the Philippines but, to date, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Service is still the best . Here's 5 of my reasons. 1. BPI ATMs is everywhere When you have a BPI account whether a savings account or credit card, you can get cash through their ubiquitous ATM booths. You don’t have to use other bank’s ATM to withdraw cash and be deducted 12 pesos for doing so. It’s a little savings but can become bigger when accumulated. 2. No Deposit Charge Other banks charge 50 pesos when you deposit from a branch Visayas to Luzon account. BPI doesn’t have that. You can deposit to any account in the Philippines without having to pay an extra. Again, small savings but becomes bigger especially if you regularly remit money. 3. Encash/Deposit Checks without charge Other banks charge 50 to 100 pesos when you encash your check. Again, BPI doesn’t have that. You can get the value of your check down to 25 cents. And it even works when you depo

Check Your SSS Contributions Online!

You don’t have to go to the nearest office of Social Security System (SSS). You don’t have to line up into a 2 km line of people. You can do it at the convenience of your own home or office. Yes, with the advancing technology, particularly in communications and information technology, you can now check almost anything using your internet-connected computer. And you can do this with your SSS payments. Why check your SSS Contributions? For one reason: just being vigilant of your hard-earned money. I am not accusing anyone of stealing your contributions but there are cases of discrepancies in the SSS record. It can be an error of your employer who fails (whether intentional or accidental) to remit your contributions. Or it can be at the SSS system. Being aware of your contribution will prompt you to do immediate action when you found any error. The earlier you discovered the discrepancy, the higher the chance that it will be fixed. Always remember that before you can

How to Apply for BPI Direct Savings Account?

Update: The online application facility is temporarily unavailable. Please visit the nearest BPI or BPi Family Savings Bank to apply. Do you want to have a savings account with maintaining balance of as low as zero pesos? We'll, try BPI Direct Savings Account . BPI Direct Savings has the following features: 1. ATM/Debit Card 2. Access to online banking at 3. Interest rate of 1.375% (higher than its equivalent on other banks) BPI Direct Savings Bank is one of the two subsidiary banks (the other one is BPI Family ) of the oldest bank in the Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) . Its main focus is on internet and telephone banking that is very applicable to those who are working away from their families (OFWs) who frequently send out money to them. How to Apply? Unlike BPI and BPI Family savings accounts , you don't need to go to a BPI branch to apply for it. In fact, you just can't apply through a branch office. BPI Direct S

How to Pay Bills Online Through UnionBank Account?

Almost all the major banks in the Philippines offer online banking facility to their clients. Unionbank is among the pioneers. Through it, you can do many things including balance inquiry, fund transfer, and pay bills. Here's brief tutorial on how you can pay your bills using Unionbank's online facility. Before we begin, please make sure you have the following: (1) An active Unionbank Account that is enrolled online (2) Internet connection (3) You have to know your ATM PIN and Your Unionbank online username and password Step 1 Log-in to your Unionbank online account On your web browser, key-in , then click Unionbank Account link. A window should pop-out wherein you would have to enter your username and ATM PIN. It should look like this: Step 2 Search for the Biller Go to the Bills link at the top and left of the page. Select Pay Bills , and then Search Biller This page has other options such as " My Billers " on

How to Apply for a BPI Savings Account?

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the largest banks in the Philippines today and the oldest with over 100 years since its establishment in 1851. Today, BPI has been one of the trusted banks in the country as it has shown itself resilient in the many economic crisis that befell the Philippines. So if you're planning to have your first ever bank account, definitely, BPI is highly recommended. Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to apply for a BPI accoun t. For those who are not aware, Bank of the Philippine Islands has two other subsidiary banks- BPI Family savings bank , and BPI Direct Savings Bank. BPI current logo. Image by Source, Fair use,  LINK  Additional Info: I asked a BPI personnel abut the difference between the three BPI banks and she answered me these: BPI Bank is focused primarily on corporate accounts. BPI Family Savings Bank focuses on individual savings accounts. BPI Direct Savings Bank is focused primarily on telephone and online

Taboan in Cebu City - Dried Fish, Dried Mangoes, Dried Squid

One of the most memorable places you could ever visit in Cebu is Taboan . And it is not because of the beauty of the scene but because of the smell that lingers on your nose and sticks to your clothes down to your underwear. Why? Well let me give you a brief description of Taboan. Taboan Market - Dried Fish, Squid etc Taboan is located around Pasil in Cebu City, a known fish port where fishermen sold bulk of freshly caught fishes. In Taboan, you can find a lot of different kinds of indigenous food stuffs, from Otap to piyaya , to banana chips, chicharon , tablea , masareal , even the chorizo , which Cebu is famous for. But Taboan is not famous for those. Taboan is famous for its dried fishes and squids, particularly, the ' danggit '. And you won't find it like how you see it in the big groceries and  supermarkets. No, they can be seen in mounds, bare for all to smell and see, thus, giving Taboan it's famous smell.

Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Mactan

Exquisite food and stunning view. That's the offer of Lantaw floating restaurant . Located in the southern tip of Mactan Island, in Day-as, Cordova, this restaurant offers a view of the skyline of Cebu City and the sea separating it from the island of Bohol. To give you a glimpse, check the images below. Cebu Skyline visible from Lantaw Lantaw Floating Restaurant Mactan Cebu View Lantaw Floating Restaurant - Mactan in a larger map Lantaw Food to Delight You Lantaw Floating restaurant is an affiliate of Moon Cafe, a popular chain of restaurant in Cebu City. They offer meat, chicken, vegetables, and sea food dishes. Among their specialties are Cordoba Express, Spicy Scallops, and Squid Calamares. Lantaw Menu

BPI Direct Account: As low as Zero maintaining balance!

Do you want have a savings account but don't want a high maintaining balance? Typically, banks require at least ~3000 pesos average daily balance (ADB) on a savings account. If the ADB falls below that, a monthly penalty amounting to around 150 pesos will be deducted from your balance. If you continue failing to meet the ADB, the penalty will soon deplete your account and eventually, it will be closed. Well, here's a good news! Bank of the Philippine Islands' subsidiary BPI Direct is offering a savings account with a maintaining balance of as low as 0 pesos. Yes, you read it correctly.  The name of the account is BPinoy Savings. But here's a little condition. There must be at least one remittance transaction every three months. If you can't meet that small requirement, there's another type of savings account: BPI Direct Express Teller Savings Account. The maintaining balance is 500 Pesos. How to apply? What makes BPI Direct really nice is that

Tumalog Water Falls - The Hidden Beauty of Oslob, Cebu

Oslob recently rose to popularity among tourists because of a unique attraction: whale sharks . But aside from that, there's another attraction in Oslob that will merit your time and consideration. Just a few kilometers north of Tan-awan (where the whale sharks are located), hidden in the mountainous seaside of Southern Cebu lies Tumalog Water Falls . [READ: Whale Shark Watching: A Trip to Oslob, Cebu ] What's unique though about Tumalog Falls is the fact that it is relatively untouched. No vendors, no cement structures. It's just the falls and the creek that flows from it.  The Tumalog Falls in Oslob, Cebu