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Cebu Pacific Will Hold Piso Fare Tonight!

If you have a Cebu Pacific app, then you might have received a notification saying that Cebu Pacific will hold a 1 - Peso Fare promo or commonly known as Piso Fare promo this evening at 12:00AM, December 24, 2018. This midnight! The details of this promo is not yet out and the best way to find out is to stay late if you can and see for yourself. For the meantime, you can do the following: 1. List down any flights you wanted to book. 2. Check the calendar for 2019 and see the holidays next year. 3. Most importantly, check your budget and see how much you can spend for a holiday trip. By doing the above things, you can prevent yourself from booking unnecessary flights. You can also tune in to .

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Promo Code: VISA for 294 Pesos Base Fare

If you want to explore South East Asia, this is probably the best chance you had this month to get a cheap fare for next year. Cebu Pacific, Philippines' larges airline announces a flash sale offering as low as 294 Pesos base fare. Here are the destinations under this seat sale promo: Kota Kinabalu, Brunei, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur,  Incheon, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali, Hanoi,  Siem Reap, Jakarta Note: Except for Hong Kong, all the rest are from Manila. Hong Kong promo is for flights coming from Cebu. The seat sale is open for booking until October 6, 2018 while the travel period is from January 1 to March 31, 2019 . To avail, just key in the word "VISA" in the promo code section. The promo poster is shown below. Base Fare Only Please take note that the figure shown above is just the base fare. Cebu Pacific began showing base fares recently in contrast with their previous practice of showing the all-in fare. On top of base fare, the passenger will need to pay tax

Tigerair Taiwan Will Fly Straight Cebu to Taipei

Tigerair Taiwan will begin flying directly Cebu to Taipei starting December 1, 2018. This is the airline's response to the steady increase in the demand for flights to Taiwan. The initial schedule for flights is every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can book your tickets at . Screenshot of Tigerair Taiwan website. With this new route, Tiger Air Taiwan will compete with Philippines' largest airline, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines. The three will utilize the newly-opened Terminal 2 of Mactan-Cebu International Airport. No Visa Policy Until July 31, 2019 The increase in demand for Taiwan fights is undoubtedly influenced by the relaxed visa policy of Taiwan for Philippine passport holders. Filipino visitors are allowed visa-free entry to Taiwan if they will only stay there up to 14 days. This experimental policy was implemented starting November 1, 2017 and was initially set to expire July 31, 2018. After that period of evaluat

iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr - Price and Availability in the Philippines

After months of rumors as to the design and features of  the next-generation of Apple iPhones will look like, it was finally revealed last Wednesday (Tuesday in US) September 12. Apple announces the release of three new iPhones: iPhone Xs , iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. I will not talk much about the features of these new phones but here's some that I found interesting. Xs Max us like the Plus version of older iPhones. It's the bigger iPhone Xs. Xr is the new low-end iPhone. The only major difference between this and the iPhone Xs's is the screen. This one is LCD while the iPhone Xs's are OLED. Dual SIM support - Nano + eSIM. The all new iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs. Photo by Apple Inc. If you want to know more about the features of this new iPhones, you can visit Apple's website . Price and Availability in the Philippines As it has been in the past, Philippines is not included in the first or second batches of countries where these beautiful iPhones will

Cebu Pacific PISO FARE 2019 Promo!

Cebu Pacific is about to reveal another edition of their famous PISO FARE seat sale promo this midnight. While there's not yet details as to the travel period, you may now start planning your trips late this year up to next year. Cebu Pacific 1 Peso Base Fare on ALL destinations About Piso Fare Piso Fare is the brainchild of Cebu Pacific, once an unknown airline more than a decade ago, now the largest Philippine airline company flying Filipinos domestically and directly to Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Piso Fare is initially a literal one-peso all-in fare promo. I remember in 2009, I flew from Cebu to Manila for just  one peso and all I need to pay is the bag and the terminal fee. Recently through, Piso Fare came to be just the base fare. The taxes, admin fees, terminal fees can add up pretty quickly and the all-in fare without baggage can be jabout 1000 pesos. But still, that's a significantly lower fare compared to regular ones. Update on Details As

AirAsia Announces A New Piso Fare Promo

Good news everyone! AirAsia Philippines announces a new promo offering as low as 16 Pesos all-in fare on selected domestic destinations. International routes are also part of this sale though. The travel period is from February 18 to November 26, 2019. You can book your tickets online at or via your AirAsia mobile app until September 8, 2018. Screenshot of AirAsia's Promo poster Travel From Clark If you want to fly really cheap, then Clark is the hub of choice. AirAsia and Cebu Pacific has been increasing their presence in this airport. It's been here for quite sometime but it was not being utilized compared to NAIA in Manila. AirAsia use to fly here but at one point they pulled out their operation. Now they're back and in this seat sale, you'll get a really nice deal.

TIPS: 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Trip to Hong Kong!

I traveled to Hong Kong last February this year, and that's my second vacation and 7th time there. Most of the time, I'm just passing by on the way to other destinations, so I know what I'm saying. So here are some  tips to save money in Hong Kong. Hong Kong as viewed from The Peak 1. Book a cheap lodging place Hong Kong has one of the most expensive real estate, if not the most costly. You would understand then that renting a place there is so expensive. But because of the economy of scale, meaning the sheer number of tourists, some hotels could lower their prices to keep up with the competition. If you're not sensitive to the room size, you can have a  decent place to stay for just 1000 pesos per person per night . It could be lower if you're in a group of 4 to 6. Book using agencies such as or to see many options. In my previous stays in Hong Kong, I stayed at  Apple Inn in Mong Kok  and  KG Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui . Both offered

PROMO: As Low as 199 Pesos Base Fare from Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific announces a new promo offering as low as 199 pesos base fare on selected destinations, particularly several Cebu routes. The lowest fare is from Cebu to Tacloban or Kalibo but promo fares are also offered in other destinations such as Tandag, Davao and Iloilo. The fares for flights to China via Xiamen, Hong Kong and Shanghai were also discounted significantly. The travel period is from October 15, 2018 - January 31, 2019 for domestic and October 26, 2018 - January 31, 2019 for international flights. Promo is open until August 31, 2018 or until promo seats last. The complete list of promo fares can be seen in this link: Tickets can be purchased online via or via their ticketing office. No Credit Card? No Problem The biggest concern for many who wanted to avail of the promo fares is the absence of a credit card. While it's true that credit card payment is the best option out

PROMO: Philippine Airlines Announces 199 Pesos Seat Sale

Philippine Airlines followed suit with a major competitor and announces their own version of a 199 Pesos seat sale promo. Yes, for as low as 199 pesos you can fly to selected domestic and international destinations on this travel period: September 16 , 2018 to March 31, 2019. The promo poster screenshot is shown below taken from PAL's website. The promo is up until September 2 or until seats under this promo are all taken. So, basically you have a week to book. But of course, promo fares on "good dates" like weekends or holidays are easily sold out. So there's a reasonable degree of urgency on this matter. Bu the way, you can book your tickets online at or at any PAL ticketing office. Since they're close tonight, it's best to book online NOW. For a complete detailed list of how much per destination and specific travel dates, you can visit this page. Base

Cebu Pacific Announces 199 Pesos Promo

Cebu Pacific announces a new set of promo fares to selected domestic and international destinations. The promo base fare is as low as 199 pesos. Coupled with other fees, the all-in fare will be around 900 pesos inclusive of the terminal fee. The domestic travel period is from September 1 to December 16, 2018.  For international flights, the travel period is  February 1 to June 30, 2019. Cebu pacific's 199 Pesos Promo You can book your tickets online at or at any Cebu Pacific ticketing office. This promo is up until August 26, 2018 or until promo seats last. Back to Base Fare Display Cebu Pacific is once again back to displaying base fares instead of all-in fares which they used to do in a couple of years past. While reason is not stated, it's possible that the rising prices of terminal fees and other administrative charges may have some contribution. For example, in this 199 Pesos promo from Cebu to Tacloban, the cost of terminal fee in Ce

Cebu Pacific Announces 799 Pesos Promo

Boracay is set to be opened for the general public this coming October 26, 2018. And to spice up that event, Cebu Pacific is offering 799 Pesos promo from Manila, Clark or Cebu to Boracay island either via Caticlan or Kalibo . The travel period is of course from October 26 and will be until December 31, 2018 . And the timing can't be better since that period is so packed with holidays. For example, November 1 and 30 both fell on a weekday and very close to a weekend. Employees are sure to rejoice over this year's arrangement of matters. Boracay island in October 2015. Aside from the Boracay flight, there are also promo fares for other destinations. For example, flights to and from Cebu costs just around 1000 pesos. To book your tickets, you may go directly to the website or through their ticketing office. Promo is up until August 20, 2018 or until seats last. No Credit Card? This is the age old concern of many people but it's bee

Philippine Airlines Announces Promo For September 2018 Flights

UPDATE: This promo is extended until August 24, 2018! Philippine Airlines (PAL)  announces a new promo offering as low as 488 pesos base fare on select destination. The travel period is from September 1-30, 2018. Both domestic and international destinations are on sale.  The booking period is from August 10 to 17, 2018 or until promo seats last. You can book your ticket at the PAL's website or visit any PAL ticketing offices nearest you. Here’s a screenshot of the promo poster taken from PAL’s website. The complete list of destinations can be found here. Recommended Place to Visit This month of September, I would like to recommend the following destinations: Taiwan It will not require a huge budget. Taiwan is cheaper than other typical Asian destinations such as Singapore, Japan or South Korea. And all the more you should visit the country, because of the no visa policy . They recently extende

FREE Calls to Your Favorite Fast-food Chain on Globe Phones

In the age of mobile apps and ordering via internet, people are increasingly going from "calling" to "tapping and clicking" their fast food orders. The arrival of Honestbee , Foodpanda and just recently, Grab Food is a testament to how much this trend is growing. The visual effect these apps provide has a huge advantage over voice only "call". In an apparent attempt to pull back some users in using the hotlines, Jollibee Group teams up with Globe Telecoms to allow free calls on their Globe handset to order from their favorite fastfood. Yes, even without a load , you can make a call to the Hotlines. Here's the promotional poster. Just dial these numbers to order: Jollibee - #87000 Mang Inasal - #71111 Chowking - #98888 Greenwich - #55555 Burger King - #22222 For more information check this link

How to Set an Appointment with SSS Online?

To avoid long lines in SSS Offices, you can use their online services to set an appointment before going there. Here's the steps to do it. Note: SSS stands for Social Security System, a government owned and controlled corporation serving as a statutory insurance service for private individuals. 1. Log-in to . In the login tab in the menu, you can select SSS Login and you'll be greeted with this interface. Use your username and password to login. In case you forgot either or both your password and your username, just click the appropriate link. In case you haven't registered for an online account, click the appropriate button to register. 2. Once you have entered your account, hover over to Members Profile and select the Appointment System link under it. 3. Select from the drop-down menus the Purpose of your visit, the Region , and the SSS Servicing Branch you wanted to visit. 4. Select a date from the calendar provided and

How Much Does a MRI Scan Costs in the Philippines?

My dad needs a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan for his prostate problem. I did a little research on how much does it cost to have one. Well, it depends on many factors, such as which body part is to be scanned. There's also this technique called "MRI with contrast," wherein the patient will be injected with a chemical to make the scan clearer. For your information, this technique of adding contrast is known as  Gadolinium Contrast Medium . It adds cost to the procedure, but with more clarity, the more you can trust the diagnosis. MRI Machine KasugaHuang , CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link So, in my father's case, we had a  Prostate MRI,  and I assume it was without contrast since he was never injected with the "contrast" chemicals. We got it in  i-Scan Healthcare Inc.  here in Quezon City. The cost is  13000 Pesos . Please take note that the amount was just for the scan, and a separate professional will read the result. Some laboratories offer this service (i.e

Cebu Pacific Announces Piso PAIR for 2019

Yes, it's not Piso Fair but it's Piso PAIR. Buy one ticket for 99 pesos and get the other one for the same route at 1 Peso . This is the latest promo announced by Cebu Pacific. Promo period is until tomorrow, July 17, 2018. The travel period is from January to June 2019 . If you have plans of travelling next year, then it's high time to book your flights. Cebu Pacific's latest promo is entitled PISO PAIR When you book using the website or through mobile app, use the promo code PISOPAIR. Cebu Pacific is the largest carrier in the country. In addition to domestic routes, it also offers direct flight to many Asian destinations as well as to Australia and Middle East. NEW: Experience Terminal 2 of Mactan-Cebu International Airport On July 1 this year, the much awaited and anticipated opening of the second terminal of Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) finally happened. The team up of GMR and Megawide has successfully constructed this new facility eff

So Cebu Pacific Will Strictly Implement the Hand carry Baggage Policy

It’s in the news last week that Cebu Pacific will strictly implement their policy for hand carry baggages. So what really is the current policy. Here’s what their website says. Every passenger is allowed one carry-on or cabin baggage, with a maximum weight of 7kg and dimension of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm for Airbus flights and 56cm x 35cm x 20cm for ATR flights. - source This stricter implementation is set to begin tomorrow. Cebu Pacific explained the purpose of this move: “to streamline operations and to provide a more efficient check-in experience.” Cebu Pacific Flight So if it has been your habit not to care for the actual weight of your carry on bags, then it’s time to weigh in. Excess weight will require check-in which will cost you more than to book a check-in baggage in advance. Most airlines are not strict with this 7kg policy. AirAsia is the only company I personally know that is very strict at this. But since Cebu Pacific is the largest airline company in the countr

"Foldable" Umbrellas Now Allowed in Carry-on Bags

About eight years ago when me and my friends were flying from Cebu to Davao, we came across an issue as we pass by the second inspection point in the airport. After my friend’s bag passed through the X-ray machine, an airport officer called her up and confirmed if she’s bringing an umbrella inside the plane cabin. On that day we knew that umbrellas needs to be checked-in. We are not informed of the new policy. In that instance, my friend surrendered her precious umbrella than pay extra baggage for it. Baggage security check in airports. Since then, things have already improved. At some point, checking in your umbrella won’t cost you a dime. And now, the latest as per my experience last month, you can now bring your “foldable” umbrella inside the plane. The prohibition only applies to cane type of umbrella. What I mean are the long “non-foldable” umbrellas. So the next time you fly and are worried you won’t have an umbrella to use in your destination, this information may comfor

Philippine Airlines Announces Promos for the Rest of 2018

Asia’s first commercial passenger airline, Philippine Airlines announces their latest promo covering both domestic and international flights. For those flying domestically, the offer is as low as 599 pesos base fare on selected destinations. On international flights, the offer is as low as 109 USD for selected destinations. The promo begins July 9 and will be available for booking until July 15 or until promo seats last. The travel period is from July to December 31, 2018. For the complete list of destinations under this promo, please check the link below. Philippine Ailrines By Konstantin von Wedelstaedt , GFDL 1.2 , Link No More Free Baggage I'm not when did it start but I think it's late last year that Philippine Airlines began to offer their cheapest domestic fares without baggage allowance. This is in contrast with what

How to Renew Philippine Passport?

Every ten years, Philippine passports expire and need to be renewed. Issuance of new passports are done at any office of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). This article was originally titled "How to Renew Passport in DFA Cebu?" Now I changed it since the process has changed since I last renewed my passport in 2016. Here's the latest basic steps as of 1Q2022. Confirmed Online Appointment. Link here . Accomplished Application Form Personal Appearance Current ePassport with photocopy of data page Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name (for some women). Marriage Contract Annotated Birth Certificate Annotated Marriage Contract to show annulment/divorce/court ordered instruction Death Certificate of Spouse Payment During Booking of Appointment This is the solution to the problems of the previous system. Before, anyone can just reserve a slot whether they are serious or not in coming at the appointed time. This leads to multiple

Cebu Pacific Announces 22 Pesos Promo

Low-cost airline Cebu Pacific announces a 22 pesos promo to all destinations (except Basco and Melbourne).  The promo offers as low as 22 pesos base fare for those travelling from November 1, 2018 to March 30, 2019 . Image by Laurent ERRERA from L'Union, France - Airbus A330-300 Cebu Pacific AL (CPI) F-WWTR - MSN 1420 - Will be RP-C3341 , CC BY-SA 2.0 , Link Tickets can be booked online at or through their ticketing office. The promo is in conjunction with Cebu Pacific's 22nd anniversary. Cebu Pacific, from its humble beginnings in the late 90s has grown to be the largest airline in the country. Its revolutionary low-cost business model and low fare promos has changed the way Filipinos fly. Once an option only for the well-offs, now air travel is in the reach of ordinary Filipinos.

DFA PASSPORT: Appointment Slots Are Available Now!

Maybe it's the pressure from the social media, which was amplified even more when the mainstream media began picking up the story of the outcry from affected people. Whatever the root cause is, you can go ahead now and set an appointment online in select DFA offices in the country. And when I mean now, I mean RIGHT NOW! I just checked the DFA appointment system and there are slots for April 2018 in select DFA Offices in Metro Manila. And here's a thing that's even more interesting, Tacloban DFA has an opening this month January 2018! Wow...whether you care about the alleged corruption inside the DFA or not, you can set it aside and set an appointment now, I mean NOW ! Fully Booked Since mid-December 2017 The DFA Passport appointment system is fully booked until March 2018. It opened up the slots early December last year but just after a week or two, all 27 offices has become fully booked. This sparked outrage among citizens. Reports have emerged that while th

TECHNOLOGY: Cebu Pacific App Now Have a Guest List Feature!

Thank you very much Cebu Pacific! At last, my most awaited feature in Cebu Pacific Air app has finally arrived: the Guest List . You see, I book flights for a lot of people and through the years, I have accumulated a guest list of over 50 people and 30 of them were repeaters. So the Guest List feature is really handy! A Brief History About five or so years ago, Cebu Pacific introduced the Guest List feature in their website which allows logged-in users to save the details of people they booked in the past. You can also manually enter details. And that feature is awesome as it saved a lot of time. You don't need to input the Name and Birth date details over and over again. But about two years ago, when Cebu Pacific revamped its website (which is good overall), that feature was put into a limbo. You can still access the guest list in the Manage booking section of the website but it cannot be accessed directly during booking. And there came the official Cebu Pacific Air ap

SCAM: My First Scam Text This Year; 850000 Pesos from GMA Kapuso Foundation

It's a brand new year for everyone, including local scammers. And despite all the efforts by PLDT and Globe Telecom to curb text message scammers, from time to time, they still creep out and show up in our inboxes. And as hard to believe as the messages of winning some great amounts of money is the fact that there are still people who believe them. I personally know someone and that scam text message triggered events that turn her life upside down. So my point is, we still need to be careful regarding these scam messages. The danger is real! So without further ado, here's the scam message I received a few days ago. On Sunday, January 7, 2018 at exactly 3:33PM (PH time), I received this message from a certain Atty. Jhon Acosta with phone number 09552962911 Congratulations! Ursim# Hadwon PHP850,000 From(GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION) To Claim Send Ur (NAME/ADD/AGE) &Call Me Now Im Atty;JHON ACOSTA DTI#0391s2018 Thankyou,  Do Not Ever Reply Obviously, this is a

Angkas is Back in the Streets But For Delivery Only

Angkas is now back in the streets after the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) banned their operation late last year. Now they're back but not as a human transport service but as a parcel delivery service. So, let's all welcome Angkas Padala ! Their mobile app was also updated to match the new service offering. Just go to the your App Store and Google Play to update. How Much Does it Cost to Deliver? For Manila , the base price is 50 Pesos for the first two kilometers, and 10 Pesos per succeeding kilometer . Pricing may vary based on demand.  For Cebu , the flag down price is 20 Pesos and 15 Pesos  per kilometer for the first 8 kilometer, and 20 pesos per kilometer beyond that .  Weight and size should not exceed 10 kilograms and 43cm x 38cm x 24cm dimensions respectively. All items must be unsealed and inspected by the biker before delivery. Prohibited items includes cash, precious stones, jewelry, banderols/tax stick

DFA PASSPORT APPOINTMENT: Went to Cebu DFA and Here's What I Discovered

All the passport appointment slots on all 27 branches of DFA is already filled up (or blocked?). Yes, you can check it out at . The only time I saw it opened up was the first week of December 2017. Then after a few weeks, all slots were already taken. So earlier this month, I had a chance to visit Cebu DFA and I asked if there's a way to get my passport processed even though the slots were already taken. Like, walk-in in the afternoon after all the passport appointments have already been accommodated. After all, DFA Sec. Alan Peter Cayetano mentioned that there's about 40% no-show on the appointments , so I was thinking that there must be some extra time the DFA can accommodate walk-ins. Turns out.. really need an appointment . But wait, here's something you would like to know. So, when I arrived at Cebu DFA, I asked the guard. What I discovered made me feel confused (and suspicious). Here's wha