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In Photos: Boracay White Beach - 1979 vs 2015

Boracay is one of the top destinations of both local and foreign tourists this summer. But have you ever wondered how Boracay looked like 36 years ago? I found this blog ManilaOldTimer.Net and it posted pictures of Boracay that was taken way back in 1979. The beach has not changed that much. It is the same white sand that captivated the tourists who are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the summer days. But what has changed are the areas surrounding that famous beach. Boracay has become extremely commercialized with hotels, shopping centers, and leisure places. Some people love the change, the progress so to speak. Some though missed the old days. BORACAY 2015. This is Boracay of 2015. Boracay of 1979. Photo by Christian Perez

About Boracay White Beach - Basic Information

White Beach Boracay , found in Aklan, is one of the best beaches you can find in the Philippines. The coastline is long and the sand is white and really fine. The water of this Boracay beach is so clear that even if you are riding a boat and you are at the deep part of the beach, you would still be able to see the white sand at the bottom and it would make you think you are still at the shallow part. BORACAY. The white sand beach of Boracay island. Boracay Station 1 - Luxury The coast of Boracay is divided into 3 stations. Station 1 is where you will find the most luxurious and expensive accommodations and establishments. There, you will find D'Mall . It is called that name because it is the Mall of Boracay . But unlike any mall, this has open space with many stalls selling different kinds of souvenirs and keepsakes like t-shirts, magnets and other native products. There are also plenty of restaurants and establishments there. One particular interesting establishment i

Baguio - Touring the Coldest City in the Philippines

Many are surprised to know that I haven't been to Baguio since I lived in Luzon for 22 years. Although I reasoned that I don't have money during those years while I was till busy studying, they are still shocked find out. Yes, Baguio is the most popular tourist destination in Luzon. Let me tell you why. Baguio is considered to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines. The obvious reason is  because it offers the lowest temperature in compared anywhere else in the country. Tourists go there to cool off from the scorching heat during the sunny season. And during February, they have the Panagbenga or Flower festival. It attracts thousands of tourist from different parts of world. Last December, I finally had a chance to visit that unique and wonderful city. In this article, I'm going to relate some of my experiences.

Filipino Foods: Sinigang, Sisig, Kare-kare, Pakbet

Here are more choices of Filipino food you should try when you come to the Philippines. Sisig   Sisig is a good partner for beer. This dish was actually meant to be taken as a "Pulutan" ( food that is usually taken with alcohol) or as an appetizer but now it has become a main dish when Filipinos go out to dine, taken with rice. Sisig is basically pig's ears seasoned and grilled, then chopped and mixed with liver, pork and sometimes Chicharon to give it the crunchy feel, sauteed in onions and garlic and seasoned with hot sauce or chili and calamondin (calamansi) and soysauce. Sisig (Photo credit: miggy357 ) Pakbet This food is made up of vegetables such as sitaw(string beans), squash, ampalaya(bitter gourd), okra(ladies fingers) and kangkong(swamp cabbage or water spinach) sauteed and seasoned with bagoong(shrimp paste). It is a very tasty combination of vegetables and for those who loves healthy, vitamin filled vegetables, this is a must try.

Filipino Foods: Lechon, Chicharon, Adobo and More

Here's a list of few Filipino foods that you should never fail to try when you are here in the Philippines . Lechon Lechon is a whole pig seasoned and charcoal roasted. The skin is the best portion of Lechon. It is crunchy and very tasty. Another best part of the lechon is the "belly" part. It is the tastiest part, specially the meat clinging to the bones, skin aside of course. Here in Cebu is where you could find the best tasting Lechon. CNT lechon is one of the most famous lechon vendor . On the next post I will tell you about where you could find CNT lechon here in Cebu . Lechón (Photo credit: enggul ) Crispy Pata Crispy Pata is a pig's leg tenderized and deep fried to make it crispy. The best part of it is the skin and the knuckles and it is best dipped in a sauce which is a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and calamansi with hot chili peppers and onions. Crispy pata (Photo credit: Wikipedia )

Larville Resort - Find Solace in Alcoy, Cebu

Life in the city can accumulate stress on us. The everyday routine of waking up early, preparing to go to work, battling the heat of sun and the crowded traffic jammed streets will tire us out eventually. So from time to time, we need to take off and go to a vacation. But if you're going to crowded beaches, you may end up stressed as well due to the noise of the busy coast. At times, what you really need is solace or probably just a company of few friends or family in a place where only few people are there. Well, there's lot of choices when it comes to that criteria but in this article, I would recommend Larville Pool Garden Resort and Restaurant in Alcoy, Cebu. What's with that resort? Well, read on. Larville Pool Garden Resort and Restaurant in Alcoy, Cebu