Larville Resort - Find Solace in Alcoy, Cebu

Life in the city can accumulate stress on us. The everyday routine of waking up early, preparing to go to work, battling the heat of sun and the crowded traffic jammed streets will tire us out eventually. So from time to time, we need to take off and go to a vacation. But if you're going to crowded beaches, you may end up stressed as well due to the noise of the busy coast. At times, what you really need is solace or probably just a company of few friends or family in a place where only few people are there.

Well, there's lot of choices when it comes to that criteria but in this article, I would recommend Larville Pool Garden Resort and Restaurant in Alcoy, Cebu. What's with that resort? Well, read on.

larville alcoy
Larville Pool Garden Resort and Restaurant in Alcoy, Cebu

Larville Resort - A Small and Quiet Place

What I found  good in Larville is its size. It was just a small resort with small pool. With that, they can only accommodate few guests. As far as I can remember, they only have few rooms - 6 units? Although the beach is not usable for swimming, the pool and the jacuzzi will suffice to give you the relaxing experience you want. At low tide though, you can walk the extended shore of the beach and pick up shells.
larville pool resort
Larville Main Guest House

larville pool
Larville Pool

Alcoy is actually in the eastern side of Cebu so you can only see the sunrise. But I'll tell you, the view of the sunrise is beautiful. Combined that with the natural sound of splashing sea at around 5 in the morning and you'll be able to relieve off your stress.
Sunrise view from Larville Resort

If you want to swim on the sea, you can go to Tingko Beach, an open and free white sand beach. From Larville, it would take about 10 minutes of tricycle travel to reach Tingko. Just pay for the tables you may need during your stay there.
tingko beach
Tingko Beach in Alcoy

Services at Best

Probably the best thing about Larville Resort is the service. The employees were friendly and helpful. You can ask them to cook foods at a reasonable price. In our case we requested fish fillets, mixed veggies, and fried fish. The foods were cleanly prepared.
food larville
Guests can order food inside the resort

Larville Resort also have free Wi-fi internet access.

We actually stayed there for two days and one night but that short stay was really relaxing and memorable.


Larville Resort is located in the municipality of Alcoy, at the southern part of Cebu. Taking Ceres bus from Cebu City (South Bus Terminal), it would take only 2 to 3 hours to reach the place. It was located along the road. You could probably ask the driver's assistant (conductor) to stop the bus in front of Larville Resort.

Contact Details of Larville

Mobile Number (Malou): +639227907309
Phone Number: +63324839295
Email Address:

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