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Yahoo! Mail Hacked - What Should You Do?

It was Monday morning. I opened my Gmail account and found a strange message: an email message from my Yahoo! mail account. The actual email message is shown below. Subject: RE hey, how are you ? Just received my iphone "3"gs 32gb from this website. www. , much cheaper than others and genuine . if you would like to get one,you can check it out, Regards, (my name) Note : DO NOT ATTEMPT OT VISIT THE SITE MENTIONED IN THE SPAM MAIL ABOVE. IT CAN BE DANGEROUS. I immediately accessed my Yahoo! Mail and found out the disaster. Somebody had accessed my account without my knowledge and sent spam messages to ALL MY CONTACTS. Some of them even replied and asking if what I sent is really true. Of course, I replied and explained what happened. Image via Wikipedia To further the damage, I also found out that ALL MY MESSAGES, (Inbox, Sent, Draft, and Spam) has been DELETED. Also, my ENTIRE CONTACT LIST has been DELETED. How to Fix Hacked Yahoo Account? After realizi


UPDATE : This is not a scam, as many commenters claim. But this is a SPAM, unsolicited text message. Below is the actual message I received from a person who introduced himself as Hector Gaylican. He used this mobile number: 09122549675. “Greetings! This is Hector Gaylican of COCOPLANS INC. We are proudly informing you that you are chosen as one of our lucky recipients who are entitled to claim a two year SCHOLARSHIP CERT. GRANT and FREE HEALTHWAY CARD plus RAFFLE COUPON. Your security claiming code is (MVS-26436-CCP) ABSOLUTELY FREE! You may claim your certificate on June 21 to 22, 2010 in our Makati redemption center. Please call @ Tel. # 8562317/8563145/8563854 between 10am-5pm. Thanks and God bless.” The above SMS message is more likely a scam since it has the elements of a scam such as: 1. It didn’t mention MY NAME! It is more likely that the scammer is targeting guessed mobile numbers. 2. It is a TEXT (SMS) Message and NOT A CALL. There’s more credibility in a call t

How Did You Fare in the Last Cebu Pacific Piso Fare?

Cebu Pacific’s latest Piso Fare is over or at least it’s nearly over as of the time of this writing. How did you fare? Have you booked your desired tickets? How many and how much? For most people including me, I think, it’s been a nice promo. But for some, it’s just terrible…cramming up to be online to book tickets just to find out that your desired date tickets has been sold out! --> Follow Cebu Pacific on Twitter I had my twitter account ( ) and I made sure that I’m following Cebu Pacific ( ) tweets as frequently as every day. Why on twitter? The answer is simply because it’s the first tool used by Cebu Pacific Air to communicate their latest promo to the public. I mean as far as I know, that’s the quickest way for them to say “ Hey folks, we have a promo... blahblahblah.. .” How about their email newsletters? Well, it’s very inconsistent. Sometimes you receive it quick but sometimes it arrives after the p

Apple Announces iPhone 4 while Google unleashes Caffeine

Image by Farid Iqbal via Flickr iPhone 4 Apple Inc. announced early this week the latest version of their industry leading mobile phone, the iPhone. Commonly referred to as iPhone 4, the latest model boasts the following features: - More scratch free and tougher glossy panels at the front and at the back. -“Retina Display” capable of high resolution displays even exceeding the capability of the Human Retina -New integrated antenna wrapped around the sides. - A4 chip which is more powerful and more energy efficient compared to its predecessor. -Built-in three-axis gyroscope capable of advanced motion sensing with greater precision for an even better gaming experience. - Front facing 5MP Camera capable of capturing stunning photos, HD videos, and video chats. - 2 microphones for better phone calls and audio-video recording Google Caffeine Google has just announced the release of its new search engine codenamed Caffeine. Go