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Noli Me Tangere Will be Available on iPad on July 1

                             Image via Wikipedia Vibal Publishing Foundation will be publishing an iPad version of Dr. Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere starting July 1. With this new ebook version, Vibal Publishing will try to revive the public interest regarding the powerful novel that sparked the Spanish revolution in the Philippines more than a century ago. Noli Me Tangere  is a novel about the tragic love story of Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara, a childhood sweetheart whose love was broken by circumstances created by the corruption in the clergy and government during the Spanish Rule in the Philippines. The book was originally written in Spanish and has been translated to both Filipino and English. Interestingly, the iPad version of the ebook can be read on both languages. Pricing and Availability The ebook will be available on iTunes Bookstore starting July 1. There is no disclosure yet as to the pricing. Will the interest regarding this old masterpiece be renewed wh

List of Cancelled Flights From Cebu Pacific As of June 24

Updated: 24June2011 6:00PM Here's the latest updated list of CANCELLED flights of Cebu Pacific Air . The reason for cancellation is the bad weather brought by typhoon Falcon . COMPILED ADVISORY on Typhoon Falcon - List of cancelled flights as of June 24, 2011, 11:00AM Hi everyone! Please note that the following flights have been cancelled today due to Tropical Storm Falcon: 5J525/525-24 MNL-Naga-MNL 5J 521 / 522 – Manila-Naga-Manila 5J 513 / 514 – Manila-San Jose-Manila 5J 136 / 135 – Cebu-Caticlan-Cebu 5J 911 / 912 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 893 / 894 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 897 / 896 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 899 / 900 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 903 / 904 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 891 / 892 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 895 / 898 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 901 / 902 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 905 / 906 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 917 / 918 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila 5J 913 / 914 – Manila-Caticlan-Manila We will mount 8 extra ATR and Airbus A320 fligh

DFA to Support The Two Filipinas Suspected As Drug Mules in Bali, Indonesia

            Image via Wikipedia In a press release , the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)  confirms their support for the alleged mistreatment of two Filipino women in the hands of immigration officials in Indonesia who suspected them to be drug mules. The DFA is working with the Philippine Embassy in Indonesia to conduct an investigation to verify if there's a basis to file a protest. The issue came to the attention of the government after one of the two Filipinas, who was incidentally a blogger, posted in her blog her "traumatic" experience when they visited Bali , a popular tourist destination in Indonesia last May. According to her, although there are many other nationalities in their flight, they were singled out by the immigration officers for an extensive interrogation and luggage and bodily inspection for no apparent justification. They were held in the immigration for more than an hour but were allowed to leave after they failed to find anything against t