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Goody Cove Grill in Davao is Serving Exotic Fried Frog

Update : This store was already closed. Davao has a lot more to offer than its famous Durian . In a small restaurant along Cabantian Road in Buhangin District, you can eat fried frogs! The name of the restaurant is Goody Cove Grill and they are serving real fried frog, locally known as Baki or Palaka. Crunchy Fried Frog "It tastes like chicken". That's the common remark of those who ate it. Well, you don't need to worry because these frogs were the edible ones. The type of frogs residing in rice fields, so more or less they're just eating leaf-eating bugs. The preparation is safe as well for the beheaded, skinned-out frogs were deep-fried in oil. With that, all the microbes you think it may have had should already be dissolved because of heat. But if you really don't like frogs, you can eat other grilled dishes like fish and chicken. You can eat the fried frog by itself or dip it in the mixture of vinegar and grated onions. You can eat it with ri

BPI Express Mobile App Overview

Are you a BPI account holder? Is your account enrolled to BPI Express Online? Do you want to access your account and transact using your smartphone and tablet? If your answer to all these three questions is "yes", then I would suggest you to try BPI Express Mobile App. BPI Express Mobile is the official mobile banking application of Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI). It allows registered customers to access their accounts using their smartphones and tablets. Here's a brief review: User Interface and Functionality The user interface was great. It was intuitive and easy to use. Although lacking of other functionality compared to that of the web-based express online, it has the basic functions that majority use: branch/ATM locator, balance inquiry, fund transfer, and bills payment.

How to Transfer Money Online From BPI to Another BPI Account?

This tutorial will teach you how to enroll another Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) account to your existing BPI Express Online Account to be able to transfer money. But before that, please see the following requirements: 1. Your account should be enrolled to BPI Express Online 2. You have stable* internet connection (just to be safe). *The second requirement is just for convenience. BPI Express Online doesn't require huge internet bandwidth, but at least your connection should not be intermittent. Steps in Enrolling Other BPI Accounts (1) On your web browser, go to BPI Express Online is BPI's online banking facility that operates 24/7. (2) Click the menu "Fund Transfer", and then click on the "Enroll Third Party Accounts". - Normally, you are only allowed one BPI Express Online account, even though you also have accounts in BPI Direct and BPI Family Savings Bank. So, the "third party accounts" here r

Sun Cellular Appears to Have a Massive Outage on Maundy Thursday

PLDT-controlled Sun Cellular, the third largest mobile network in the country appears to be having an outage. How massive is it is yet to be known since Sun Cellular through its Facebook and Twitter Pages won't confirm anything. Absence of cellular signal was reported in Visayas and Luzon regions. Here's the screenshot of the fuming customers complaining lack of connection. Update: Around 11AM today, it appears that the system is back to normal.