Goody Cove Grill in Davao is Serving Exotic Fried Frog

Update: This store was already closed.

Davao has a lot more to offer than its famous Durian. In a small restaurant along Cabantian Road in Buhangin District, you can eat fried frogs! The name of the restaurant is Goody Cove Grill and they are serving real fried frog, locally known as Baki or Palaka.
goody cove grill davao

Crunchy Fried Frog

"It tastes like chicken". That's the common remark of those who ate it. Well, you don't need to worry because these frogs were the edible ones. The type of frogs residing in rice fields, so more or less they're just eating leaf-eating bugs.

fried frogThe preparation is safe as well for the beheaded, skinned-out frogs were deep-fried in oil. With that, all the microbes you think it may have had should already be dissolved because of heat. But if you really don't like frogs, you can eat other grilled dishes like fish and chicken.

You can eat the fried frog by itself or dip it in the mixture of vinegar and grated onions. You can eat it with rice or with beer. Also, the best way to eat it is by using your bare hands and I guess there's no other way to do it :-). The freshly fried frog is crunchy and depending on the length of cooking, it can be crunchy down to the very bones.

Goody Cove Grill is not a fancy restaurant so the ambiance is far from majestic. I guess, the only thing it can offer best is adventure. And adventure it will surely be because of the thrill of eating the exotic fried frog.

Location and Contact Number

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Landline: +63 (082) 304 5948

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