SCAM: My First Scam Text This Year; 850000 Pesos from GMA Kapuso Foundation

It's a brand new year for everyone, including local scammers. And despite all the efforts by PLDT and Globe Telecom to curb text message scammers, from time to time, they still creep out and show up in our inboxes. And as hard to believe as the messages of winning some great amounts of money is the fact that there are still people who believe them. I personally know someone and that scam text message triggered events that turn her life upside down. So my point is, we still need to be careful regarding these scam messages. The danger is real!

So without further ado, here's the scam message I received a few days ago. On Sunday, January 7, 2018 at exactly 3:33PM (PH time), I received this message from a certain Atty. Jhon Acosta with phone number 09552962911

Ursim# Hadwon PHP850,000
&Call Me Now

 Do Not Ever Reply

Obviously, this is a scam. It bears all the marks of it namely, unexpected win of a huge amount of money, unknown sender, don't know your name and a request for a call. But some chose to reply with nasty words or even curses. They may reason that it doesn't cost them anything and that they just want to have fun.  While that may prove to be harmless, it may not always the best thing to do. Here's some logical reasons:

  1.  Some of this just randomly key in phone numbers or get it from poor sources. Replying will just tell them that the number they have sent to is valid and exists. That information may help them attack you in the future with more subtle methods.
  2. It's a waste of time and energy. Let's face it, it's not worth it.
So, what scam messages have you received this year? Let me know by your comments!


  1. Notice! Ur Sim# had won. Php580,000. From (WOWOWIN) "handog pangkabuhayan" to clain ur prize. Pls txt ur (NAME ADD AGE) call me now HENRY CHING. DTI#2465S'18. Sender +639551356778. Paki verify po ng txt scam na ito.

    1. NOTICE! Maam,
      Sir. Your SIM#
      Had won.
      frm: WOWOWIN
      GMA'7! To claim ds. Pls call me now! I'm Sec,
      Henry C. Ching
      Dti# 2095, s'18.

    2. CONGRAT'S Your sim# is the lucky winner of' [Php580,000.00] from. (WOWOWIN) To Claim Pls txt ur. NAME/ADD/AGE. Im MR, HENRY CHING DTI#6642'S19.

      no. nung nagtxt is: 0955 265 1757

  2. INFO; Your
    sim# had won (Php580,000). From. (WOWOWIN)
    by; GMA'7 to
    claim text your, NAME/ADD/AGE. Im MR. HENRY CHING.
    DTI#5474 S'18.
    from 09652678669

  3. Maam/sir Ur sim card# won! Php.850.000.00 As 2nd prize From:GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION.To claim ur prize,Pls call me Now I'm Sec.Ramon M. Lopez DTI Permit#7165s'18.

  4. INFO;Your sim#had won(580,000). From,Wowowin handog by;GMA7 to claim pls call now I'm atty.felipe L.Gozon.DTI# 5474 S'18. Paki verify poh itong text na to

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  9. Congrat's!. Ur sim# had won (P780,000.00) for 2nd prize.From (GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION).Winner during "73rd Grand Anniversary".Plz send ur /name/age/address/work/.Then call me now!. Im Atty.Joel V. Chaves DTI-NCR-Per#4557 series of 2018.Thank you!.

  10. Notice from: (GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION) Congrat's
    Your sim card# won the "2nd PRIZE WINNER" worth of (Php850.000.00) For more infomation to claim this prize
    Please CALL me now
    I'm atty:ALLAN A. CHUA
    Per DTI # 6154 S18.
    Is this fake tooo

  11. Notice:TO OUR VALUED SIMCARD OWNER/ You have won (Php.850,000) from (G.M.A) To claim this prize Pls call me now Im Atty Reyho G. Valdez/per.DTI-NCR#73364s'2018. +639066672345

    1. NOTICE: MA'AM/SIR,UR SIM# Had Won
      Php:850,000,00. From:GMA KAPUSO MILYONARYO.To claim Your Prize call me now I'm
      Sec,RAMON LOPEZ DTI-PERMIT#3622's'19.
      The same encountered (Stupid people)

  12. INFO; Your
    sim# had won (Php580,000). From, Wowowin
    by; GMA'7 to
    claim text your, NAME/ADD/AGE. Im Mr.HENRY L CHING
    DTI/#:5474 S'19.

  13. Congratulations!Your sim # had' won "2nd prize winner" worth of (Php850,000.00) From:GMA KAPUSO MILYONATION Handog Pangkabuhayanngayong bagong taon!
    To Claim Your Prize, call me now! I'M ATTY:ALLAN A. CHUA PER/DTI/Permit no.1108s'2019.

    2019 first txt to my new number

  14. Congratulations!Your sim # had' won "2nd prize winner" worth of (Php850,000.00) From:GMA KAPUSO MILYONATION Handog Pangkabuhayanngayong bagong taon!
    To Claim Your Prize, call me now! I'M ATTY:ALLAN A. CHUA PER/DTI/Permit no.1108s'2019.

    this is scam
    My new number and i've received text
    His number 09756029637


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