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Taiwan is Visa-Free to Filipinos Until July 31, 2024

Good news to all! Taiwan will continue to be visa-free to Filipinos visiting the island state for tourism, visiting friends, attending conferences, business, and the like until at least July 31, 2024, after Taiwan's Manila office announced the extension of this free entry policy.  This visa-free policy started on November 1, 2017, and has been almost uninterrupted except for the glitch last year when several passengers were denied entry a few days after the July 31, 2022 deadline. The issue was later corrected, and the visa-free policy continued to be enforced. Filipino travelers under this policy can stay up to 14 days in Taiwan. Taipei 101. Image by Alton Thompson - 2007,  GFDL ,  Link
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Cebu Pacific Will Hold Piso Fare Tonight!

If you have a Cebu Pacific app, then you might have received a notification saying that Cebu Pacific will hold a 1 - Peso Fare promo or commonly known as Piso Fare promo this evening at 12:00AM, December 24, 2018. This midnight! The details of this promo is not yet out and the best way to find out is to stay late if you can and see for yourself. For the meantime, you can do the following: 1. List down any flights you wanted to book. 2. Check the calendar for 2019 and see the holidays next year. 3. Most importantly, check your budget and see how much you can spend for a holiday trip. By doing the above things, you can prevent yourself from booking unnecessary flights. You can also tune in to .

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale Promo Code: VISA for 294 Pesos Base Fare

If you want to explore South East Asia, this is probably the best chance you had this month to get a cheap fare for next year. Cebu Pacific, Philippines' larges airline announces a flash sale offering as low as 294 Pesos base fare. Here are the destinations under this seat sale promo: Kota Kinabalu, Brunei, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur,  Incheon, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali, Hanoi,  Siem Reap, Jakarta Note: Except for Hong Kong, all the rest are from Manila. Hong Kong promo is for flights coming from Cebu. The seat sale is open for booking until October 6, 2018 while the travel period is from January 1 to March 31, 2019 . To avail, just key in the word "VISA" in the promo code section. The promo poster is shown below. Base Fare Only Please take note that the figure shown above is just the base fare. Cebu Pacific began showing base fares recently in contrast with their previous practice of showing the all-in fare. On top of base fare, the passenger will need to pay tax

Tigerair Taiwan Will Fly Straight Cebu to Taipei

Tigerair Taiwan will begin flying directly Cebu to Taipei starting December 1, 2018. This is the airline's response to the steady increase in the demand for flights to Taiwan. The initial schedule for flights is every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can book your tickets at . Screenshot of Tigerair Taiwan website. With this new route, Tiger Air Taiwan will compete with Philippines' largest airline, Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines. The three will utilize the newly-opened Terminal 2 of Mactan-Cebu International Airport. No Visa Policy Until July 31, 2019 The increase in demand for Taiwan fights is undoubtedly influenced by the relaxed visa policy of Taiwan for Philippine passport holders. Filipino visitors are allowed visa-free entry to Taiwan if they will only stay there up to 14 days. This experimental policy was implemented starting November 1, 2017 and was initially set to expire July 31, 2018. After that period of evaluat

iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr - Price and Availability in the Philippines

After months of rumors as to the design and features of  the next-generation of Apple iPhones will look like, it was finally revealed last Wednesday (Tuesday in US) September 12. Apple announces the release of three new iPhones: iPhone Xs , iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. I will not talk much about the features of these new phones but here's some that I found interesting. Xs Max us like the Plus version of older iPhones. It's the bigger iPhone Xs. Xr is the new low-end iPhone. The only major difference between this and the iPhone Xs's is the screen. This one is LCD while the iPhone Xs's are OLED. Dual SIM support - Nano + eSIM. The all new iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs. Photo by Apple Inc. If you want to know more about the features of this new iPhones, you can visit Apple's website . Price and Availability in the Philippines As it has been in the past, Philippines is not included in the first or second batches of countries where these beautiful iPhones will

Cebu Pacific PISO FARE 2019 Promo!

Cebu Pacific is about to reveal another edition of their famous PISO FARE seat sale promo this midnight. While there's not yet details as to the travel period, you may now start planning your trips late this year up to next year. Cebu Pacific 1 Peso Base Fare on ALL destinations About Piso Fare Piso Fare is the brainchild of Cebu Pacific, once an unknown airline more than a decade ago, now the largest Philippine airline company flying Filipinos domestically and directly to Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Piso Fare is initially a literal one-peso all-in fare promo. I remember in 2009, I flew from Cebu to Manila for just  one peso and all I need to pay is the bag and the terminal fee. Recently through, Piso Fare came to be just the base fare. The taxes, admin fees, terminal fees can add up pretty quickly and the all-in fare without baggage can be jabout 1000 pesos. But still, that's a significantly lower fare compared to regular ones. Update on Details As

AirAsia Announces A New Piso Fare Promo

Good news everyone! AirAsia Philippines announces a new promo offering as low as 16 Pesos all-in fare on selected domestic destinations. International routes are also part of this sale though. The travel period is from February 18 to November 26, 2019. You can book your tickets online at or via your AirAsia mobile app until September 8, 2018. Screenshot of AirAsia's Promo poster Travel From Clark If you want to fly really cheap, then Clark is the hub of choice. AirAsia and Cebu Pacific has been increasing their presence in this airport. It's been here for quite sometime but it was not being utilized compared to NAIA in Manila. AirAsia use to fly here but at one point they pulled out their operation. Now they're back and in this seat sale, you'll get a really nice deal.

TIPS: 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Trip to Hong Kong!

I traveled to Hong Kong last February this year, and that's my second vacation and 7th time there. Most of the time, I'm just passing by on the way to other destinations, so I know what I'm saying. So here are some  tips to save money in Hong Kong. Hong Kong as viewed from The Peak 1. Book a cheap lodging place Hong Kong has one of the most expensive real estate, if not the most costly. You would understand then that renting a place there is so expensive. But because of the economy of scale, meaning the sheer number of tourists, some hotels could lower their prices to keep up with the competition. If you're not sensitive to the room size, you can have a  decent place to stay for just 1000 pesos per person per night . It could be lower if you're in a group of 4 to 6. Book using agencies such as or to see many options. In my previous stays in Hong Kong, I stayed at  Apple Inn in Mong Kok  and  KG Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui . Both offered