iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr - Price and Availability in the Philippines

After months of rumors as to the design and features of  the next-generation of Apple iPhones will look like, it was finally revealed last Wednesday (Tuesday in US) September 12. Apple announces the release of three new iPhones: iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr.

I will not talk much about the features of these new phones but here's some that I found interesting.
  • Xs Max us like the Plus version of older iPhones. It's the bigger iPhone Xs.
  • Xr is the new low-end iPhone. The only major difference between this and the iPhone Xs's is the screen. This one is LCD while the iPhone Xs's are OLED.
  • Dual SIM support - Nano + eSIM.

The all new iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs. Photo by Apple Inc.

If you want to know more about the features of this new iPhones, you can visit Apple's website.

Price and Availability in the Philippines

As it has been in the past, Philippines is not included in the first or second batches of countries where these beautiful iPhones will be made available with. But the wait may not be that long. Give it a month or two after it goes on sale on the first and second batch of countries and then we can expect it to be launched locally either through Apple Philippines website or your favorite carriers: SMART and Globe. 

While this is not official statement, I said this because last year, iPhone X was announced September 12, and it goes on sale November 3 and then it was launched in the Philippines December 1. That's barely a month! It looks like the same will happen this year.

Now if you really want to get it in your hands about the same time as the first batch of countries mentioned in the announcement, then you can easily find people who will be able sell it to you prior to it's official release locally. Of course, you will have to pay for a premium that will cover the cost of shipping as well as provide some profits to the seller to keep them interested. I would advise against this though since there are uncertainties as to the warranty and the quality of the product itself (did it break during shipping?).

Now let's talk about the price. What we currently know are the US dollar prices. Here's the start of the price points. Note that the lowest model has 64GB memory space in it.

  • iPhone Xr - 749 USD
  • iPhone Xs -999 USD
  • iPhone Xs Max - 1099 USD
To give you a better idea, last years 999 USD iPhone X turns out to be 64490 Pesos. You can ratio and proportion that and you may have guessed the final price.

The Most Advanced Expensive iPhone Ever

The iPhone Xs Max will be the most expensive iPhone ever! So much for its gorgeous design and for its amazing marketing, these new iPhones have broken the records. The question is: will you buy one? Let us know by your comments.


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