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Angels and Demons: Book Versus Movie

MOVIE: In the movie, the chief of Swiss Guards was Commander Richter, Olivetti was a Vatican police. BOOK: Olivetti was the chief of the Vatican Swiss Guard. Richter was not on the novel. MOVIE: Cardinal Baggia survived and became the Pope. BOOK: All four cardinals (the Preferitti) died in the four churches that represents the altars of science, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. MOVIE: The Assassin died because of the bomb planted on his car. BOOK: Robert and Vittoria fought the Assasin and he died after falling from Castel Sant' Angelo. The movie also eliminated the fight on Piazza Navona and on the Castel Sant' Angelo. MOVIE: Vittoria stayed on the Vatican after one of the Cardinals was found on the Saint Peter's Square. BOOK: Langdon fell in love with Vittoria and felt the rage when the Assassin caught her. The movie eliminated the romantic flavor on the book. MOVIE : Richter was the one who was falsely accused as Illuminatus. BOOK : It was Maximil

Angels and Demons-Movie Synopsis and Review

Cover of Angels & Demons [Blu-ray] Last Tuesday, I decided to watch the movie Angels and Demons in Ayala Cinema here in Cebu. It was directed by Ron Howard (The Da Vinci Code, 2006), and was based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown bearing the same title. It was another Robert Langdon adventure as a world famous symbologist and Harvard professor on arts. The movie attracted many viewers. Even though I watched the last full show on 9:10PM, to my surprise, almost all the upper seats are still occupied. According to the Columbia Pictures, the movie earned $152 million worldwide, including the $48 million on US and Canada. It topped the box office on its first week of pushing Star Trek to No.2.

Journey With Arnel Pineda

Image via Wikipedia World renowned rock band Journey made a big come back last year when they introduced their newest member and lead vocalist in the person of Arnel Pineda, a Filipino singer. Pineda’s voice was strangely similar to the Journey’s former lead singer, the legendary Steve Perry. That may have been the very reason why they got him. According to Neal Schon, Journey’s lead guitar, Pineda fits exactly to the band’s need for vigor and energy. Schon, who discovered Pineda in You Tube, was startled to see him singing high-note songs of Air Supply, Survivor, Heart and Journey. During that time, Journey is searching for a new vocalist, so without hesitations, he quickly find ways to contact the singer to invite him for an audition. When Pineda received the email, he quickly discarded it as a hoax, but because of a long time friend who keeps persuading him, he finally answered the email. Only a few minutes after, he received the phone call that shook his singing career-an invit