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Piso Fare Increase? The Before and After Comparison

Image via Wikipedia As many of you might have already noticed, Cebu Pacific has changed their trademark promo PISO FARE recently in terms of pricing. Last year, I remember booking a round trip ' piso fare '   ticket for my two friends coming from Manila to Cebu. The price was totally awesome, 195 pesos only for (no-baggage). And just recently, Cebu Pacific announces another edition of piso fare promo . This time however, I was a little surprised to find out that the total fare for a two-person (Cebu to Davao) , no baggage, piso fare ticket was amounting to 1228 Pesos. This was a stunning 530% increase! What happened? Well I did a simple investigation. I compared the price breakdown of my previous bookings and compared it to the one I recently done. Here's what I found out. Facts: Cebu Pacific breaks the price of your ticket with these categories: Base Fare Taxes & Fees Web Admin Fee Web Admin Fee (PC) Travel Insurance Excess Baggage Sports Equipment W

Airphil Express is the Most Sociable Airline - Planely

Image via CrunchBase Remember the contest launched by last April 2011? Yes, Planely goes out to determine who is the most sociable airline in the world. The goal is simple, to find out which airline has the most number of passengers who wants to share their flight information. In turn Planely will find a match for your profile. This can lead to having a new friend or a potential business partner. Well, last month's competition was already done. At the conclusion of the contest, our very own Cebu Pacific was crowned as the most sociable airline in the world . The victory was almost landslide, with Cebu Pacific registering a score of 913 and at the far second place was  Norwegian Air Shuttle with 351. Other airlines in the Philippines was also included in the list with Airphil Express was at No.7, Philippine Airlines (PAL) at No.11 and Zest Airways at No.17. But wait! After a month after the competition was concluded, Planely redefined their scorecards. The r

Blogger is Now Up and Running After A Massive Outage

Cross posted from Technology Logs . Yes, Google's is now up and running! This is actually my first post after the almost-three-day downtime of the popular blogging service. The outage came after Blogger's scheduled maintenance last Thursday (PHT). The maintenance was supposed to to last for only one-hour but after it, Blogger came back to read-only-mode wherle users can't upload new contents to their blogs. They also removed all articles and comments posted during the short uptime after the maintenance. Although Blogger said that they already started restoring those articles, my posted articles are yet to be restored until the time of writing.