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Piso Fare Increase? The Before and After Comparison

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As many of you might have already noticed, Cebu Pacific has changed their trademark promo PISO FARE recently in terms of pricing. Last year, I remember booking a round trip 'piso fare' ticket for my two friends coming from Manila to Cebu. The price was totally awesome, 195 pesos only for (no-baggage).

And just recently, Cebu Pacific announces another edition of piso fare promo. This time however, I was a little surprised to find out that the total fare for a two-person (Cebu to Davao) , no baggage, piso fare ticket was amounting to 1228 Pesos. This was a stunning 530% increase! What happened?

Well I did a simple investigation. I compared the price breakdown of my previous bookings and compared it to the one I recently done. Here's what I found out.

Cebu Pacific breaks the price of your ticket with these categories:

Base Fare
Taxes & Fees
Web Admin Fee
Web Admin Fee (PC)
Travel Insurance
Excess Baggage
Sports Equipment
WWF Donation
Seat Reservation
Go Lite Discount
Unaccompanied Minor

Here's the comparison of how they priced those categories before and after.
Click to ENLARGE the image.
Notes: I ignored the base fare comparison because in the previous (before) breakdown calculation, the baggage is included in it.

In the image above, you can obviously see what was the culprit in the fare increase. It was none other than taxes and fees. We don't currently know how much the taxes were and how much the fees were but that specific category increased by almost 1000% after the recent change.

As you can see, Cebu Pacific increased the over-all price of their promo fares, and most obviously, the popular piso fare. But does it mean that I don't like Cebu Pacific anymore? No, of course not. I still love Cebu Pacific promos and although the Piso Fare and their other promos have already increased in prices, they still offer considerable discount especially for frequent travelers like me.

One more thing is, do we have other options? Yes, Airphil Express has just recently entered (on the fullest sense) the low-cost airline market and their promos are extremely attractive. But overall, Cebu Pacific still is the king of promo fares.

So why wrote this article? Simple. To inform you, my readers, regarding changes that might be interesting to you. So next time you see a promo from Cebu Pacific, do a trial booking first before you finally pay.
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  1. This is so true. Cebu Pacific offers several promos compared to other airlines here in the Philippines. I loved Cebu Pacific. But that was before. It's kinda stupid for a piso fare yet you are going to pay a thousand. It's better to be more transparent. Better not to have this piso fare again if the customers will pay almost the same as the regular fare.

  2. may promo kayo zamboanga to manila

  3. promo zamboanga to manila para december


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