How Much Does a MRI Scan Costs in the Philippines?

My dad recently needs to have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan for his prostate problem. So I made a little research on how much does it cost to have one. Well, turns out, it depends on many factors such as which part of the body is to be scanned. There's also this technique called "MRI with contrast" wherein the patient will be injected with a chemical to make the scan clearer. For your information this technique of adding contrast is know as Gadolinium Contrast Medium. It adds cost to the procedure but with more clarity, the more you can trust the diagnosis.
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MRI Machine KasugaHuang, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

So, in my father's case, we had a Prostate MRI and I assume it's without contrast since he was never injected with the "contrast" chemicals. We got it in i-Scan Healthcare Inc here in Quezon City. The cost is 13000 Pesos. Please take not that the amount was just for the scan and the result will be read by a separate professional. Some laboratories offer this service (i.e. the reading) and they will add another grand or two to the price for the professional fee.

I found some useful information from this blog, Medical Prices Data in the Philippines. The article about MRI pricing contains a sizeable comment section wherein people comment on their recent experience and how did much did it cost. The latest was just early this year so the prices is fairly recent.

Our receipt. I covered the private details.

If you recently had a MRI scan, please leave a comment and tell us what type of MRI scan did you do, when, what laboratory you got the scan from and how much did it cost you. Anonymous comments are welcome! This is just to help others find the cheapest possible MRI in their locality.


  1. Hi,

    In Cebu, MRI scans range from 10,000 to 18,000 depending in the hospitals. Cheapest so far I've seen is at UCMED 10,000 without contrast, to 15,000 with contrast color. Insurance covers only up to 5000 pesos, if it is done outpatient, and most MRI scans are recommended as outpatients unless you are admitted as an emergency patient

    1. MRI scans done = for head, for arm


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