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After almost two months of waiting,the result of the December 2010 Nursing Board Exam was finally released by the Professional Regulation Commission . According to PRC ,    29,711 out of the 84,287 examinees successfully passed the said exam. Weanne Myrrh Estrada, a student of  Adventist University of the Philippines  (AUP) topped the 30K passers with a score of 88.4.  The complete list of the top 10 nursing passers as well as the complete list of all the examinees can be viewed in the links below: NURSING BOARD EXAM RESULT FOR DECEMBER 2010 RELEASED ON FEBRUARY 19, 2011 TOP 10 NURSING BOARD EXAM DECEMBER 2010

How Much Does It Cost For a Day Trip In Bohol?

Bohol , in my opinion, is one of the best tourist spot in the Philippines . It is home to many natural beauties like mountains, rivers, forests and animals. Not to mention, the people of Bohol are warm and friendly. So, if you want a real good time, to relax, chill out and forget the busy life at the Metro, then Bohol is one of the top choices. I personally recommend you to stay in Bohol for at least two days and one night to have the most of it. But since most people are busy, you can just have a bite of Bohol's beauty by having a day tour around the island. Here are some destinations in a typical Bohol Day Tour and how much is the cost per each stop. 1. Sagbayan Peak Sagbayan Peak is a small park located on top of a high land. You can see a view of the surrounding places and some chocolate hills visible in the area. At the entrance to Sagbayan peak , there are also " tarsiers " that you can view. Entrance Fee: 10 PESOS PER PERSON ONLY View at Sagbayan Peak,