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How Much Does It Cost For a Day Trip In Bohol?

Bohol, in my opinion, is one of the best tourist spot in the Philippines. It is home to many natural beauties like mountains, rivers, forests and animals. Not to mention, the people of Bohol are warm and friendly. So, if you want a real good time, to relax, chill out and forget the busy life at the Metro, then Bohol is one of the top choices.

I personally recommend you to stay in Bohol for at least two days and one night to have the most of it. But since most people are busy, you can just have a bite of Bohol's beauty by having a day tour around the island. Here are some destinations in a typical Bohol Day Tour and how much is the cost per each stop.

1. Sagbayan Peak
Sagbayan Peak is a small park located on top of a high land. You can see a view of the surrounding places and some chocolate hills visible in the area. At the entrance to Sagbayan peak, there are also "tarsiers" that you can view.
View at Sagbayan Peak, Bohol

2. Chocolate Hills on Carmen
Bohol is most famous for this natural beauty. Chocolate Hills are mountainous formations scattered around Bohol. The shape of Chocolate Hills are most intriguing since they are very smooth and rounded. Take a look at these pictures and you can easily see the strangeness of this creation.

One of the Chocolate hill has been converted to a viewing area where you can view the dense Chocolate Hills scattered in the surrounding areas.

3. Man Made Forest
This is one of the semi man-made beauty of Bohol. It as huge man-made forest.
Entrance Fee: NONE/FREE
Man-made Forest

4. Hanging Bridge at Loboc
These are two hanging bridges crossing at the Loboc river. You can buy cheap souvenirs here.
Entrance Fee: NONE/FREE

5. Loboc Zip Line
this feature is new in Bohol. This is a zip line crossing Loboc river. If you have the nerve regarding heights, you may have a great fun on this.

6. Loboc Floating Restaurant
This is one of the coolest part of Bohol Day Tour. This is an eat-all-you-can restaurant cruising back and forth along Loboc river. They are serving local delicacies fitting for a great lunch and dinner. Also, while eating,  there's a band that will serenade you with refreshing music.
Entrance Fee: 400 PESOS PER PERSON
Loboc Floating Restaurant singing band

7. Tarsier, Python, and Hawk Viewing
These are paces in Bohol featuring some of the unique fauna of the region. The Tarsier, which is one of the smallest species of monkeys can be found in Bohol.
There's also a huge python and Hawk for viewing.

The tarsiers of Bohol

8. Blood Compact Monument
This is just a monument built at the sea side of Tagbilaran  featuring a blood compact between early Filipino leaders and the early Spanish explorers who visited the Philippine islands.
Entrance Fee: NONE/FREE

The above places is just for a one-day tour. If you want to enjoy Bohol even more, you can still have the Danao Tour, and an overnight stay in one of the resorts in the Bohol island of Panglao.

Vehicle rental varies from 2500 to 3500 pesos depending on how good you are in bargaining. :-)

TIP: Do not arrange for a reservation for a vehicle. Just go to Bohol, via Tagbilaran Air/Sea Port or via Tubigon Port. There are many unreserved vehicles there and that's a perfect opportunity to bargain since they will be bidding for your rental.


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