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35% Discount on Sun Postpaid Scam

For most people this would be really obvious. But for the sake of those people without the talent of "smelling" scams and are still susceptible to "too good to be true" offers, here's the detail of the Sun Postpaid Scam. Sun Cellular (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Your Number is Selected For 35% Discount The scam begins with a random message from an unregistered number saying: Suncellular:You're the one selected postpaid plan that given 35% discount on your bill.To get your 35% discount just forward the 17-digit secret code to 2292.You will receive the 17-digit secret code on the next message. It may or may not include the so called "17-digit secret code". In my case, I received it after a few minutes. 50 09225533524 4222

Climbing Mount Babag Part 3: The Long and Easier Route and the Falls

In part 2 of this series, I told you about the short and yet very steep trail that we took going to the top of Mount Babag . Well, in this third and final article about climbing that mountain, I will relate the experience we had in the long and less steep trail. Turn Left After the River As we reached the creek again, we took the left trail. As expected, this is a little easier compared to other trail that led us to the rose plantation that is inclined to about 70 degrees. This trail though is longer with many twist and turns. But the good thing is that the terrain is mostly flat or slightly inclined. The Hidden Falls of Mount Babag This is the reason that we came back and took the other trail, the falls. The hidden falls can be found  about 30 minutes after you crossed the creek and turned to the left trail. It was "hidden" in the sense that it was located downhill from the trail and the pathway is covered with bushes. The path is also very steep and it seems as if