BPI Express Mobile App Overview

Are you a BPI account holder? Is your account enrolled to BPI Express Online? Do you want to access your account and transact using your smartphone and tablet? If your answer to all these three questions is "yes", then I would suggest you to try BPI Express Mobile App.
BPI Express Mobile is the official mobile banking application of Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI). It allows registered customers to access their accounts using their smartphones and tablets.

Here's a brief review:

User Interface and Functionality

The user interface was great. It was intuitive and easy to use. Although lacking of other functionality compared to that of the web-based express online, it has the basic functions that majority use: branch/ATM locator, balance inquiry, fund transfer, and bills payment.
BPI Express Mobile Log-in Interface

BPI Express Mobile Functions

Performance and Reliability

This app is simple, easy-to-use and I can do fund transfer to any other BPI account without registering them. In almost two years that I've been using this app, I am more than satisfied with  it.


Well, I would like to comment positively on the availability of the App for the two most used mobile OS. BPI Express mobile is now available for iOS Android, BlackBerry, and Java platforms. With that, majority of the customers with smartphone and tablets can have access to it.

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