UPDATE: This is not a scam, as many commenters claim. But this is a SPAM, unsolicited text message.

Below is the actual message I received from a person who introduced himself as Hector Gaylican. He used this mobile number: 09122549675.

“Greetings! This is Hector Gaylican of COCOPLANS INC. We are proudly informing you that you are chosen as one of our lucky recipients who are entitled to claim a two year SCHOLARSHIP CERT. GRANT and FREE HEALTHWAY CARD plus RAFFLE COUPON. Your security claiming code is (MVS-26436-CCP) ABSOLUTELY FREE! You may claim your certificate on June 21 to 22, 2010 in our Makati redemption center. Please call @ Tel. # 8562317/8563145/8563854 between 10am-5pm. Thanks and God bless.”

The above SMS message is more likely a scam since it has the elements of a scam such as:

1. It didn’t mention MY NAME! It is more likely that the scammer is targeting guessed mobile numbers.

2. It is a TEXT (SMS) Message and NOT A CALL. There’s more credibility in a call than a text message, right?

3. It invites ME to contact certain numbers instead of THEM calling me providing the necessary details for claiming your prize. This scenario is typical of text scams. When the victim calls the number, he/she would be convinced to pay registration and other miscellaneous amounts to claim his/her prize. After that, the scammer will just disappear.

4. It is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. This is the most common element of scams. In this case, I don’t remember any raffle or promo I’ve joined in the past year.

All of us should be very careful when it comes to entertaining mysterious text/SMS like this. One single step like replying or trying to call the numbers provided may spell disaster to us. Like what I always say on this blog, WHEN IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT’S PROBABLY NOT TRUE.


  1. i just recieve this year(2010)of says that i can claim it between 12 and 13 of the same month!!!and the said message also contains the same text written above!!

  2. yeah...i heard from other people also...

  3. i received this kind of message yesterday and i txtd bak "pag chur oi". suddenly someone called me and said i just won this stuff.. i was confused if it was really a scam or not coz he did not asked any money at all (u know, credit cards of some sort)

  4. this is not a scam, because i myself personally claim those benefits for free in their head office in ayala makati.

  5. it isnt a scam guys. it is true, you can claim the rewards you have won absolutely for free..

  6. Please HELP me STOP 2474 from sending text messages.
    Everyday they’re sending 4 senseless messages, which are automatically deducted on my Smart account.

    2 months ago, I saw an ad from StarWorld (one of the largest cable tv shows based in HongKong) in our country, featuring downloadable music, games, wallpapers thru SMS (text).
    So I subscribed to it given the credibility of StarWorld.
    Later did I know that I felt I’m duped, I was barraged with text messages daily without the said downloads at all.
    All I get are nothing but plain deductions on my load.

    I am not really fond of downloads thru text messages, except for this one, ‘cause I have such high regard and trust for StarWorld.

    I hope this will be STOPPED as this will continue on to dupe more people. It’s really unfair. Thank you so much for reading my letter and hopefully, looked into this matter.

  7. Call SMART Free by dialing *888


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