How to Enroll An Account to BPI Express Online Banking?

Online banking has many benefits. One of them is convenience. You do not need to go to the nearest ATM or branch to do your transactions. And typically, online banking facilities are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that you can transact anytime and anywhere just as long as you have an internet connection.

BPI Express Online Banking

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the first few Philippine banks that embraced online banking. Their online banking facility can be accessed at Here are some of BPI Express Online capabilities:

(1) Transfer funds within your accounts or to third party accounts
(2) Pay your bills (credit card, Meralco, phone bills...etc)
(3) Manage your BPI Asset Management investments
(4) Pay your taxes
(5) Reload your prepaid phones
(6) Update your account information
(7) Other services

How to Enroll Your Account?

1. In your web browser, go to, and click the Enroll button.

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2. Choose what type of account you want to enroll.
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3. Choose your location (inside or outside the country).
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4. Read and agree to the terms of service (of course, if you don't your application will be cancelled).
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5. Fill out the necessary information in the online form and click Submit.
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Note: The information required in the form varies whether you're inside or outside the Philippines.

6. Go to the nearest BPI ATM and finalize the application. After 5 minutes, you account will be activated.
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Reminder About Internet Security

Please take all the necessary precautions when using Here are some of them:

1. Use a strong password (8 alphanumeric characters) and do not share it to anyone.
- Do not believe emails asking for your username or password even if it appears to come from BPI
2. Avoid using BPI Express Online in public internet cafes and connections (e.g. free WiFi)
3. Always log-off after using the facility.
4. Update you OS and antivirus to the latest patches.
5. Be vigilant on your account. Inform BPI if you notice anything suspicious or unusual in your account.
- BPI can be contacted (02) 89-100 (Manila) or 1800-188-89100 (domestic toll free)

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