Lantaw Floating Restaurant in Mactan

Exquisite food and stunning view. That's the offer of Lantaw floating restaurant. Located in the southern tip of Mactan Island, in Day-as, Cordova, this restaurant offers a view of the skyline of Cebu City and the sea separating it from the island of Bohol.

To give you a glimpse, check the images below.
Lantaw (View) cebu
Cebu Skyline visible from Lantaw

Lantaw floating restaurant mactan
Lantaw Floating Restaurant Mactan Cebu

Lantaw Food to Delight You

Lantaw Floating restaurant is an affiliate of Moon Cafe, a popular chain of restaurant in Cebu City. They offer meat, chicken, vegetables, and sea food dishes. Among their specialties are Cordoba Express, Spicy Scallops, and Squid Calamares.

Lantaw Cordova Foods
Lantaw Menu

I am particularly interested in Cordoba Express. It is made made up of mixed sea foods (blue marlin fish and squid) and malunggay leaves cooked in coconut milk. It both looked and tasted really good.
Lantaw Mactan Food

Another recommended dish was the Bakasi. Bakasi is the local term for eel. You can have it either stewed or deep fried. Both were good but if I were to choose just one, I'll prefer the deep fried version. It was crunchy and tasty.
Lantaw Restaurant Bakasi (Eel)
Fried Eel (Bakasi)

Going to Lantaw

There are many options going to Lantaw. The easiest is to ride a taxi. The other way is by going to Cordova via jeepney or GT Express van in SM Cebu and then riding a trycicad going to Lantaw.

Reservation Needed

The place is always full starting 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Most guests want to have a view of the sunset, so they go at around that time. Make sure to have a reservation before going or else, you'll have to wait for others to leave. The place is especially full on weekends. I was told that you have to reserve at least a week before going.
Lantaw Sunset
Lantaw is best visited right before sunset

Here is the contact number of Lantaw Floating Restaurant.:(032) 514-2959

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