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Are you interested in stock trading? Well, nowadays, more and more people are getting interested in the topic of personal finance. In the Philippines, though, many people are still uneducated in this very important topic. Probably, one of the “benefits” of the recent economic recession is the increase in awareness in how people should manage their finances. Yes, before, words such as “stocks”, “mutual funds”, and “bonds” are rare topics of discussion and are only mentioned by business savvy people. Now, even kids know about it and even talk about it.

Among the many ways you can invest is through stock trading. In simple terms it’s like a buy-and-sell business. You buy stocks when they are at low price then sold them when it already increased in value. The hard part is: stocks are fluctuating. It changes in value from time to time and many factors are affecting it. It’s of higher risk compared to mutual funds and bonds.

I will admit that I’m not really well-versed in this subject since I’m also new to financial education. So I cannot give a detailed advice when it comes to this subject. I know one good tip though, if you really want to learn more about this, do additional research and PRACTICE what you learned by participation in Philippine Stock Exchange’s (PSE) Stock Trading Game. In this game, you will be given an imaginary 1 Million peso initial capital which you can invest in different stocks offered by participating companies. The game is really based on the real scenarios like market values and penalties. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to gamble into the real stock exchange without enough weapons of knowledge and experience.

How to join?

The game is open to everyone. Just log on to PSE’s official website, and then choose Stock Trading Game. You only need a valid email address to complete the registration. Also, you can join tournaments usually joined by students and professionals.
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