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Internet has changed the way we do business today! Everything is going into the web. Now you can purchase virtually everything you need in just a click of the mouse. Online stores enable us to shop without actually stepping into the store! We can now send and receive money by electronic fund transfer which most banks today can already provide. We can pay our utility bills like telephone, water and electricity through online payments. Even our monthly credit statements may now come in digital format thus saving paper for our environment. Business and personal transactions has never been this easy, convenient and efficient as ever before.
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Although the danger of physical robbery has been minimized by online methods of transaction, the need to be vigilant is also a must when it comes to web based transactions. Along with the development of ecommerce technology, the crooks are also developing their “web-based” theft. Viruses and other malicious programs designed to steal your personal information are already widespread in the World Wide Web. Phishing and other scam propaganda pose great danger to everyone. To protect you against these methods of theft, extra precautions should be taken.

Protect Yourself

Protect yourselves by doing these simple tips:
1. Use strong passwords (passwords minimum of 6 characters that contains numbers, letters and if possible special characters)
2 Keep an updated Antivirus Software (if you can afford, use licensed instead of the FREE versions)
3. Transact only on your trusted websites. (Look for SSL certifications)
4. Beware of "unexpected" emails that gives a link to a website whether known or unknown.
5. Use the convenience and security of PayPal

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the leading provider of secure and convenient way of payments and money transfer through the internet.

How does it work?

The typical way of paying in ecommerce websites requires you to enter your credit/debit card number, your PIN, or even your password. Imagine the inconvenience and risk when you have to do this many times. You have to re-enter your 16 digit card number and PIN. The more exposure of this information, the riskier it is. PayPal saves you from these risk and burden. When you enroll your debit and credit card on PayPal, all you need to do is to enter your PayPal enabled email address and your PayPal password.

Enroll now at PayPal

For business owners, it's time to upgrade to an ecommerce website and enjoy the full benefits of selling online. It's time to be a PayPal accepting ecommerce website!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
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