Taxi Fare Rate to Increase by 2011

The following fare rates will take its effect next year after the Land Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB) approved the petition to increase the fare for Taxis in Metro Manila.
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  • The flag-down rate will be increased to 40 pesos from the current 30 pesos
  • The rate for the succeeding 250 meters will be increased to 3.50 pesos from the current 2.50 pesos

The above changes will take effect sometime in the middle of January, 15 days after its official publication in the newspaper.


  1. ‎"The rate for the succeeding 250 pesos [meters ata dapat dito] will be increased to 3.50 pesos from the current 2.50 pesos"

  2. ANTI CAB CAMPAIGN..wag na sasakay sa taxi..

  3. tnx for correction...that was a silly error...:-)

  4. Yes, it's time to be more thrifty.

  5. When they implement the fare increase please make sure you have some change before riding. It's time to give those taxi drivers exact fare. It's our right to demand for change.

  6. awww. i should wake up early... time to the taxi thing.. is it true that taxi with palte number ending with 1-6 lang ang may increase and plate with ending 7,8,9,0 will increase sometimes in may? pag ganun mamimili ako ng taxi...

  7. taxi drivers if you think this fare increase will help you im guessing it wont mas lalong lugi kasi wala nang sasakay perhaps theres another way to help you but not in this way..


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