2011 Philippine Holidays

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UPDATE: President Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III declared through Proclamation 84 the list of official regular and special holidays for 2011.
In just a few more days, year 2010 is coming to its end and as the cycle goes, a new year will begin. The challenges and triumphs we had this year will just be memories of the past, worthy of remembrance. Now, its time to look forward to the coming year.

I have here the list of important dates (i.e. holidays) for year 2011 in the Philippines. Some of the highlights are the following:

  • there are 12 regular holidays for 2011
    •  2 of these 12 regular holidays fell on a Saturday
    •  4 of these 12 regular holidays fell on a Sunday
  • There are five (5) scheduled special holidays for 2011
    • 2 of these 5 special holidays fell on a Saturday
  • The months of April (3), August (3), November (3) and December (4) has the most number of holidays.
Here's the complete list of holidays for 2011

January 1 (Saturday) - Regular Holiday - New Year's Day

February 25 (Friday) - Special Holiday for Schools- EDSA Revolution

April 9 (Saturday) - Regular Holiday - Day of Valor
April 21 (Thursday) - Regular Holiday - Maundy Thursday
April 22 (Friday) - Regular Holiday - Good Friday

May 1 (Sunday) - Regular Holiday - Labor Day

June 12 (Sunday) - Regular Holiday - Philippine Independence Day

August 23 (Tuesday) - Special Holiday - Ninoy Aquino Day
August 29 (Monday) - Regular Holiday - National Heroes Day
August 30 (Tuesday) - Regular Holiday - Eid'l Fitre (Movable)

November 1 (Tuesday) - Special Holiday - All Saints Day
November 6 (Sunday) - Regular Holiday - Eid'l Adha
November 30 (Wednesday) - Regular Holiday - Bonifacio Day

December 24 (Saturday) - Special Holiday - Day Before Christmas
December 25 (Sunday) - Regular Holiday - Christmas Day
December 30 (Friday) - Regular Holiday - Rizal Day
December 31 (Saturday) - Special Holiday - New Year's Eve


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