Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

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This afternoon I received a call from a woman who introduced herself as a representative of a local Philippine Bank. She first asked me if I already had a credit card and when I answered "yes", she immediately invited me to their current so-called promo: "they are offering a credit card without requirements".

I know she meant that no physical documents and papers are to be submitted. Also, she mentioned that they are the lowest interest-paying credit card bank in the Philippines. At first it sounded very interesting to me but my mind changed as soon as she asked me some information that, in my opinion, is VERY CONFIDENTIAL and divulging them to someone who just called you on the phone may pose some security threat. Here's what she asked me.

1. She asked my complete name and birthday.
This one is okay with me since it is a basic requirement so I gave it out.

2. She asked about my TIN or SSS Number.
I usually give this information if I can verify that the person who calls me is really part of a known bank in the Philippines.

3. She asked me what credit cards I have.
This one is easy to answer so I gave it out.

4. She asked for my CREDIT CARD NUMBER!
Upon asking this question, I know I had to stop the conversation. Knowing my name and my credit card number will give access to my account through customer service call. I always have this "SAFETY FIRST" attitude. DO NOT REVEAL your CREDIT CARD NUMBER to anyone especially strangers whom you do not see. (Emails, SMS, and calls)

In this world of all-time-high identity theft crime rate, the need to be careful is not an OPTION, it's a MUST! Anyway, I got my first two credit cards without having to divulge any credit card information. And I prefer to submit my pay slip rather than reveal my credit card number to someone who called me on the phone.
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