DFA Warns Filipinos Against New Email Scam

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) warned Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)about a scam email circulating in the web. The email uses an address named "PHILIPPINE EMBASSY" muscatpe@omantel.net.com. It notifies its victims with an email saying their account won a cash prize of £500,000. To claim the prize though, they requested payment for processing and other personal information.

Though these types of scams are so common in the internet, there are still people who get victimized. The latest was the case of an OFW in Saipan who received the scam email. The DFA, in its official website wants to inform the public that those emails do not originate from them nor they are involved in such scams. They also warned other OFWs of similar scams.


As the information technology gets better and better, the crooks are also advancing their methods to lure unsuspecting victims. The need to be careful especially when surfing the internet is on its all-time high. Personal information including your name address, telephone numbers and credit card numbers should not be exposed publicly.

Also, make sure you have the latest updated antivirus protection. If you cannot afford the paid versions, you can download certain free antivirus that will give you a degree of confidence.