Umbrellas for Check-in at the Airport

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If you will be travelling without check-in baggage like the famous Cebu Pacific Go-Lite promo, better not to bring your umbrellas.

Before, we just fold our umbrellas and keep it inside our hand carried bags. Now, there's a new security order to include umbrellas in your check-in baggages. Well, again, if you happen to be travelling with Go-Lite ticket, then you would have to pay 400 pesos for baggage reinstatement.

Experience in Mactan Airport

I just had this experience when I traveled a few weeks ago. After getting the boarding pass from Cebu Pacific counter and paying the terminal fee, we are told at the final inspection that umbrellas should be checked-in. How annoying it is to imagine how long we been standing there in the line to the counters and to think that it was not even mentioned on the first inspection!

One of my company had to go back to the counter and negotiate the matter. And here's the funny thing: it's not that easy to check in your umbrella. Because we are already short of time (in fact other passengers already started boarding the plane), we just opted to leave her precious umbrella.

So my advise, aside from the default "Be early", do not bring your umbrella with you or include it to your check in baggage.

Note: I'm not sure if this order is exclusive for Mactan International Airport in Cebu.
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  1. Not exclusive to Mactan. Earlier today at NAIA Terminal 3 taking a Cebu pac flight. I was asked to check in my foldable umbrella during the last security check. I didn't have any baggage to check in because I only had my laptop bag and shoulder bag. I wouldn't dare check in my laptop bag because I'm not confident at how Cebu Pac handles check in luggages. I threw it in the trash. Never had those issues when I fly via PAL.

  2. last year Nov 10, 2010 - same day din MNL-CEB-MNL. Outbound at T3: kebs lang sila. At nga, diyan sa Mactan, sinita ako. Buti chineck-in ng staff for free. :D


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