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Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits (Manila) Luzon, Philippines

US Geological Services (USGS) reported that a magnitude 5.9 earthquake that hit the island of Luzon, Philippines at exactly 01:15:44 AM, Tuesday, July 26, 2011. The location of the epicenter is at 15.07N,120.16E (epicenter), west of Angeles, Pampanga and north of Olongapo City.

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As of the moment, there was no reported casualties and the extent damage is yet to be determined.

Here's the official bulletin from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Siesmology (PHILVOLCS) regarding July 26, 2011 earthquake.

For those who want further information, here's the contact numbers of Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS)

Hotline: 926-3225/426-1468/926-2611/927-1095


DID YOU FEEL THE EARTHQUAKE? Please leave a comment.


  1. lakas ng lindol katakot.. first time ko nakaramdam

  2. yup we in antipolo.medyo malakas din.kakahilo at kakatakot.

  3. nasa border ako ng antipolo and marikina.. di ko alam na lumindol

  4. here in Moonwalk, Paranaque, i felt the eathquake...and was observing the water in our was approx 15 to 20 seconds, it made me dizzy

  5. In Muntinlupa - chandelier swayed slightly

  6. Look at this:

  7. lumilindol na nasa gitna ka ng matayog na bldg. sasabihin syo ng Visor mo.. benta muna!!!

  8. We felt it in Baguio City too. July 26 at 1 AM.

  9. im from bicutan taguig pero naramdaman ko pa rin around 1am ng madaling araw... akala ko its just nothing pero bgla ako kinabahan ng nkita ko gumagalaw yung upuan ko...

  10. ang lakas ng lindol d2 sa castillejos zamb kagvi .. buti nlng hndi ganun tumagal..

  11. we are from pampanga and we felt it...scary...

  12. kya pla d q nrarmdaman d2 s dubai,ngulat aq nblitaan q nlng....katakot..

  13. yup, ako rin naramdaman ko yun, lakas nga eh


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