Good News: iPhone 4S Will Be Sold by Globe and SMART (Philippines)

For consumers, the more options they have, the better. Now, here's a great news on that topic. The popular smartphone from Apple, the latest version of which is the iPhone 4S will be heading to the two largest networks in the country - Globe and SMART.

Yesterday, Globe announced that the reservation for an iPhone 4S has begun. And now, after a day, SMART announced that iPhone 4S will be coming to them as well on December 16 and reservations has already started.

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iPhones Not Anymore Exclusive to Globe
It appears that the exclusivity contract (if there is) between Globe and Apple Inc has already expired. In the previous years, way back to the original first gen iPhone, the popular smartphone was exclusively available via Globe Telecoms. After more than four years since the launch of the first iPhone, the celebrated Apple product can now be purchased on two major carriers in the Philippines - Globe and SMART.

SMART Announces the availability of iPhone 4S in the Philippines
SMART Communications Inc is the largest network in the Philippines with an estimated 45 million cellular subscribers. Globe Telecom, on the other hand is the second largest mobile operator.

Open-line iPhone in the Philippines Imminent
Now that the iPhone is available on two of the major carriers in the country, it is not far from now that the open-line version of the device will also be made available sooner. A similar scenario happened in the United States. When the first iPhone was released in 2007, it was exclusively offered by AT&T. Almost three years after AT&T's exclusivity on selling iPhones, the device was made available to Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile network in the country. Then after several months, an open-line version of the device was started to be sold in the Apple Stores.

Open-line iPhones were favored by many because it doesn't require users to sign-up on a specific carrier for typically two-year contract. Although the price is high because no carrier is subsidizing the cost of the device, there are some (in fact, many) who still want to spend more for a relative freedom.

iPhone 4S, the Best iPhone Yet
iPhone 4S is the latest version of Apple's phenomenal smartphone product. It features an upgrade to dual-core A5 processor bringing more computing and graphics power to the device. It also upgraded the camera to from 5MP to 8MP capable of 1080p recording and outstanding photo quality. The iPhone 4S also introduces the integration of Siri, an intelligent assistant can help you on many task just by talking casually to your phone.

iPhone 4S comes with iOS 5 installed with over 200 new features and an access to Apple iCloud services.

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