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Load Prepaid Phone Online Using Lazada Mobile Charge

I'm not sure but this may have been in existence way earlier than this year. But yes, I just discovered it today and it's awesome. But first, let me say that probably, this article will be most useful for those in the prepaid "realm" of mobile users in the country , I mean, here in the Philippines. Post paid "richies" can read on of course.

An old phone with physical keypad. Photo by amagnawa.

Today, after being under the rock for centuries, I discovered that I can load my cellular phone online through the incredible Lazada Mobile Charge. I say it's incredible because it solved my problem today. It may solve your problem as well today or in the future so I encourage you to read on and learn.

I'm one of those oldies who loads his or her prepaid phone by going to a retailer, typing my number on an old phone with physical keypad, giving the phone back to the seller and answering the question of how much to load and then paying with extra charge. After a few seconds, my load arrives, immediately registers to a promo and go. The process will repeat every after few days when my load expires and I'm left in darkness of the medieval times when I cannot communicate to anyone aside from sending physical letters or going to the person in the flesh. When that happens, I panic, and looks for the nearest load retailer.

But today is a bad day. My favorite retailer is out and I need to send an important reply to a message I received earlier. But I'm stuck in the office! Gladly though, my office mate is kind enough to mention that I can load my phone online, using the office internet (Ooops!). So here's how I did the thing.

1. Go to Lazada Mobile Charge. Here's the link
2. Enter your phone number in the box and select the amount of load you wanted to purchase. Different carriers have different option. Here's a screenshot.

3. Pay using your debit/credit card. Follow the prompt in the page.
4. This is optional but you can print or save the transaction details. (Just in case your load didn't arrive and you want to follow up or file a complaint).

For Lazada members, the process would be a lot faster. But as you can see above, you don't need to be a member to purchase your load.

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  1. Hi. This is great for buying a load from overseas. How much is the fee for using the credit card and not signing up on Lazada?

    1. hi but i cant buy the load i want in lazada, it keeps giving me unsuccessful payment. already tried different cards and with enough balance, still doesnt work.

    2. call you credit card company. they may have blocked the transaction for security purposes

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