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How to Pay HSBC, Citibank and other Non-BPI Credit Cards Through BPI Express Online?

I recently retired my Unionbank account which has been my only online method of paying my HSBC and Citibank credit card bills. So, I thought like I have no other way of paying my credit cards dept except going to the bank itself. But the thing here is: there's only one branch for the two banks I mentioned earlier here in Cebu. And with the worsening traffic condition especially this holiday season, it could take a long time traveling just to pay my debts.

The good thing though is that I found out that I can pay my HSBC and Citibank credit cards via BPI Express Online. But unlike other merchants, you need to take extra steps to enable this capability. And by the way, this is true even to other non-BPI credit cards and loan providers. So here's the steps you need to take to enable it.

1. Check if your credit card can be paid with Express Online.

Here's the list:

Credit Cards
BankardRCBCYYYYcard number*Signed Enrollment Form
BPI Globe BanKoBanKoYY*Signed Enrollment Form

BPI Express Card Corp

BPI Express Cash
BPI Express CashXCASHYYYY*Signed Enrollment Form
BPI Express Credit CardBECCYYYYcredit card customer numberYes*Signed enrollment form
-Your own BPI Credit Card that are not viewable in My Portfolio
-Another person's BPI Credit Card
BPI MastercardBEC MCYYYY*Signed Enrollment Form
Chinabank CreditcardCBCCCCredit Card Number/Primary Account NumberPrint, Sign and Mail form + Copy of Credit Card Statement
Citibank Credit CardCITICCYYYYcredit card numberYes*Signed Enrollment Form
Emerson Corporate CardsEMS CCYY*Signed Enrollment Form
HSBC MastercardHKB MCYYYYcredit card number*Signed Enrollment Form
HSBC VisaHKBVSAYYYY*Signed Enrollment Form
The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp.HSBCPLYYYYYes*Signed Enrollment Form
SB Cards DinersDINERSYYYYcard number*Signed Enrollment Form
Unionbank Credit CardUBP CCYYYCredit Card Number*Signed Enrollment Form

Source: BPI Express Online Website

If you notice in the last column to the right, you see note saying "signed enrollment form". For non-BPI cards, you need to submit this document. The next step will show you how.

2. Login to BPI Express Online and Enroll Your Credit Card

Go to and login using your username and password. If you haven't enrolled your account yet, here's the link on how to do so.

Now, go to the menu bar on top of the page and under the Payments and Reloading menu, look for Enroll Credit Cards or Loans. Here's a screenshot.

Upon selecting that, you will be presented with an online form. Fill it up accordingly.

A. Choose the source of funds if you have multiple savings account.
B. For joint accounts, check your ATM. If it says 01 or 02 next to your name. If it's not a joint account, key-in 01.
C. DO NOT Fill This Up. This is exclusive for BPI Credit Cards which doesn't need a signed form to enroll.
D. Here's where you input the Credit Card Provider. In the table above, copy the name in the first column. For example: HSBC Mastercard. Then input your account name as it appears in your credit card. And the last column requires the Credit Card Number.
E. Make sure to hit the Submit button to proceed.

3. Mail to BPI Office or Submit to Branch Personally

Choose whether to mail to BPI or submit personally to your branch the printed and signed document. Choose which one is more convenient in your case. The form will look like this (I covered my personal information):
You will also be required to submit a photocopy of the front portion of your credit card along with the signed form. 

4. Wait...

The last step is for you to wait. If you submitted the documents personally to you branch, it will only take 24 hours to activate the payment facility. But if you mail it, it will all depend when the documents reach BPI office in Makati City. So personally, I would rather choose to submit to BPI branch if possible.

Now assuming that it's already activated. To pay your credit card bills after activation, just login to BPI Express Online, then go to Payments and Reloading, Bills Payment, Pay Bills Today. In the drop down menu, you will now see your newly activated credit card payment facility.


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