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Are you looking for a job? Whether you like it here in the Philippines or outside abroad, it’s always good to have fast and credible sources of information about job vacancies and opportunities. So where are you getting the news?

The Classical Way—Friends

Probably the oldest method of trying to have the information about job vacancies is through friends and acquaintances. Though much slower than the modern web-based information dissemination, friendly referrals are still effective today. In fact, many people agree that they even trust more the information coming from a friend than in the newspaper and on the internet.

The Semi-Classical Way—Newspaper Classified Ads

Most of us today still cling to our old method of finding job opportunities by scanning through the “Classified Ads” section of our favorite newspaper. We’ll, just like the “friendly referral way”, newspapers still proved to be an effective source of information. And personally, nest to “friendly referrals”, it’s the second trustworthy source of job opportunity scoops.

The Non-Classical Way—Internet and the Web

Well, yeah, emerging in popularity and usage, web based job information can be a very quick source of information. With a one-time registration and submission of your resume, you may now gain access to email notification about the latest news on job vacancies and opportunities. Internet-based job search companies normally filter the emails in such a way that those that will reach you were just the ones that fits your profile. For example, if you are an engineer, you may only receive email alerts about jobs related to engineering.

The need to keep on guard!

Always watch out for those persons and entities whose goal in life is to use other people for their own sake even if it entails hurting them. Here are some tips that may help to avoid them.

1.  Do not supply information to anyone (people or organization) whom you do not know and trust.
2.  Do not give in to those who ask money in exchange for job information. Most of these were scams.
3. Do not divulge financial information like credit card number and bank accounts. I’m 100% sure that these are not needed for a job application.

Here’s my list of internet email subscription. I personally trust these sites.

In these times of increasing unemployment rate, it’s time to take action to get the job first. And the first step is to KNOW first. Best wishes to my readers!
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