Warning: Scams on Freelance Writers on Craigslist

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AN EARLY NOTE: This is article is not against Craigslist but a warning to everyone that might encounter this type of scam on any other website like craigslist.org.


Craigslist is one of the major advertising websites in the world. But just like any other network, it can also be infiltrated by scammers.

Have you seen job post on craigslist looking for writers who could write web content? We’ll if it is your talent to write, and you really enjoy, then this can be a good opportunity for you. You can earn extra money from these. You can be a freelance writer!

I myself have tried and I got a payment of 2 dollars for each 400-word article on a particular subject. Well, I think I got the good one because I got paid but recently, there have been reports that there are job posters looking for content writers and to be able to apply for job, you have to submit…SAMPLE ARTICLES.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with requiring sample articles, but there are some job posters who just want to collect sample articles. Yes, they will just simply get sample articles and disappear without any word. They could even go back and use different username to collect more! And your precious writing in which you squeezed all your creative juices to will just appear suddenly in a website bearing a different author.


There’s no cadillac solution to this but there’s something you can do to at least minimize the risk. And I only knew one…

Submit articles that you have already published, probably on a website that you own. You may just give the link to your published work and you can arrange an authentication if you are really the author of that. GENUINE employers will understand your reason for doing this.


If you are really talented in writing and you really enjoy it, why not make your own website? How can you earn? Advertisements. You can try Adsense, Adbritre, Bidvertiser, Amazon Affilliate, Yahoo ads, and many other online advertising companies. Probably not as much as your earnings from writing articles for someone AT FIRST. But as you make more high-quality contents, your web traffic will increase so as the earnings from your ads. I know someone who had already built his own house just by writing a blog.

The good thing about making it your own is that you will also own the copyrights of your articles and as long as it is on your website, it can be a potential source of income. So what do you think? Anyway, this is just pure opinion and suggestion.

I hope this article will help!
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