Cebu Pacific Air Intros its New Website

As part of their continuous efforts to improve customer experience, Cebu Pacific, Philippine's leading airline company introduces its new website yesterday. The new website features improved looks and user interface. Online booking procedure was also modified to make it fast and user- friendly. Below is the list of noticeable changes in
Cebu Pacific new homepage featuring a "cleaner" and more user-friendly design.

1. Improved theme and user interface

It was the same yellow-themed Cebu Pacific Air website but the homepage features a much simpler design with highly noticeable menus and options. It is "cleaner" compared to the previous version.

2. Booking procedure is enhanced to speed up the booking process.

-Go Lite check box was removed from the homepage. It is now part of the flight selection page. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting to check the Go-Lite box.

-Flight Selection page has been the biggest improvement I've ever seen. It shows all the flight schedules and promos and provides summary of the total flight cost.

Before, you have to wait until the payment section before you can view the total amount you are going to pay. Now, just selecting the flights will give you a summary of the price. You can now quickly change your selections to suit your budget.

-Guest details section was also improved to make it more user- friendly so as to avoid forgetting to fill up important details.

-I personally like the way they make it easy to fill up the web forms.

Before, you have to fill it up two forms with your personal details, one in the Guest Details section and the other one in the Payment section. In most cases, you are the guest and at the same time the owner of the credit card to be used for paying. So you have to re-enter all your personal info again.

Now, you have the option to retrieve the info you entered in the guest detail form. Just click on the box shown below.

It will really speed up your booking time. Nice work to Cebu pacific web developers.

PAL Survey

Quite recently, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has modified their website to improve user experience. And lately they conducted a survey to further improve it.

Internet has become the primary channel in which people are getting their airline tickets. That is why airline companies are now focusing on it.