MONEY: SSS Sued Over 1000 Employers Last Year (2009)

The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) reported that they sued 1133 employers last year (2009) mostly due to failure to remit the contributions of their employees. Of the 1133 cases, 600 of them are in the National Capital Region (NCR). The number also includes employers who failed to submit company records or failed to register their businesses.

According to the original report, the unremitted contributions amount to 478.22 Million pesos including the penalties. This intensified legal action against delinquent employers is set to continue until this year 2010. The Social Security Act of 1997 penalizes employers who are delinquent in remitting their employees contributions. The penalty is imprisonment of six to 12 years with maximum fine of 20 000 pesos.

Amnesty Program
Meanwhile, SSS recently announced an amnesty program allowing delinquent employers to settle their long-overdue obligations without paying the penalties. They can pay in full or in installment basis. Installment basis has a maximum period of 48 months and an annual interest rate of 3%. SSS will also withdraw the cases they filed against them as long as they follow the terms of the amnesty program.

A Sad Truth
This recent report from SSS tells a sad truth. It shows the fact that many Filipino employees are abused by depriving them of statutory benefits like SSS. My advice to my fellow employees is to be vigilant when it comes to their contributions. Always check if your employer is remitting your hard-earned money. Securing our future is our own responsibility.

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