Chill and Relax in Camotes Island Beaches!

Wanna have a sizzling summer experience?
Wanna relax and chill under the shade of the palm tree?
Wanna have solitude away from the noisy and crowded city?

I have a suggestion. Why not visit Camotes beaches?

Boracay has been the most popular tourist destination in the country, and for a very obvious reason: its beaches were above ordinary, crystal clear waters plus white sands on a very long and wide shore line. And when the evening comes life becomes more exciting as there’s party all around.

But if you’re the type of person who seeks distance from the crowded and noisy city, but at the same time don’t want to have a boring night, well I would dearly recommend a Camotes Island escapade. It has the striking balance between boring place and crowded beaches.

A Tropical Paradise

In addition to being less crowded but not boring at all, Camotes beaches offers a very nice place to relax. The sands are white and its super fine. Yes, I recommend that you remove your slippers and feel the fine sand granules under your feet. Also, the beach is long, you can walk up hundreds of steps and yet the water won’t even go above your bosom.
Santiago Bay beach resort in Camotes. (Photo by J. Aguirre)

I also noticed that the waters are quite cool. I don’t know if that’s true all the time but I was pleasantly surprised by its coldness.

The sunset is lovely. The mixture of blue, red and orange hue reflected on the shallow waters is a fantastic panorama.
The sunset is lovely (obviously). (Photo by J. Aguirre)

The night is no boring at all. There’s a rental for videoke if you love singing. You can sing and dance and have fun. You can also see many people including local residents walking in the shores. Why not talk to them and learn their living?

Best Things to Do in Camotes

Since the beach are shallow, board skimming is highly recommended. Enjoy riding in the skim board but make sure to keep your balance or you will suffer the consequences.
Since the beach is shallow, skim boarding is recommended. (Photo by R. Hidalgo)

Love massage? Lie down the beach and let the gentle waves give you a relaxing massage.

During the sunset, take a silhouette photo of you and your friends. It’s a nice remembrance of the place.
A silhouette photo during a clear sunset is a good remembrance of the place. (Photo by J. Sayson)

Early in the morning, take a walk or jog barefooted into the beach. You can also take pictures of the starfishes and crabs wandering the lonely shore.
Sunrise glare. (Photo by J. Sayson)

Best food? I recommend roasted chicken or pork. You can also buy from local fishermen freshly caught fishes and other sea foods. Roasted squid is really good

After filling yourself with heavy meal, it’s nice to go swimming while drinking. A bottle of beer or Vodka will do. Always remember though to drink at your limits, or you may suffer the consequences. A fine drink with friends will fill you up with pleasure and will lift the stresses from your body and mind.

Best place to stay? There are many rental houses available; you can choose different room sizes and amenities. If you like to sleep on the sand, you may do so or you can set up and tent. Please take note though that even during summer, the air is cold during the dawn because of the sea breeze so you may decide to stay outside for a while and then go back to your room later.

How to go to Camotes?
The Camotes Port. (Photo by J. Sayson)

From Cebu, ride a jeepney to Danao port in Cebu. From Cebu City, it would take almost an hour to reach. Then, on Danao port, ride a barge to Camotes Island. (Take note of the schedule of the barge arrivals. It takes another hour to reach the Camotes port. There, you can rent a ride to your beach resort of choice.


  1. I never thought that Camotes Island looked this good, you have such awesome pictures and looks very inviting. Will definitely change my summer plans for next year, Camotes Island here I come!

  2. hi im Alfred. im a driver here in camotes island. for your transportation you may txt or call me at 0905-1550325. i can offer you affordable and reasonable price for package deal. thank you very much.

  3. HI Alfred, have plans in going to camotes by may, what to do suggest we take going there, we maybe at least 20pax. origin is Cebu. your package deal would also be very welcome. ls. provide details.

  4. alfred, what is the most reasonable hotel that you can recommend? Traveling with backpackers.. Nothing fancy, we just want the sun, beach and good food :D

  5. I've been to Camotes and I would recommend you visit Lake Danao and experience the boat ride around the lake. You could also visit Timubo Cave, an underground cave where you can swim in the cold spring waters inside the cave.


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