Hostage Taking in Manila - The Media Could've Done Better

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The horrifying hostage taking incident that happened yesterday came into a disturbing conclusion. Nine innocent lives were taken in a meaningless bloodshed. Who should take the blame for this horrendous display of evil? Is it the hostage taker? Is it the police?

Many will say that the police authorities failed to handle the situation wisely. The Hong Kong government already expressed its disappointment over the incident. It was indeed very clear from yesterday's incident that the country's competence in maintaining peace and security is seriously flawed.

Also worth taking note of is how the media behaved during the course of the incident. The media has been criticized for giving information to the hostage taking on which we cannot deny that it may have contributed to his agitation.

I found this very nice article about how the journalists should have responded in those crises.

Guidelines for Covering Hostage-Taking Crises, Prison Uprisings, Terrorist Actions
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  1. I just want to comment on what Congressman Lagman and Congressman Suarez (Arroyo's allies)said. For Lagman (in our native dialect) Hoy Cong. Lagman bago ka magparataram dyan o comento pakaraya daw ang Albay tuyaw ka sanang tuyaw dyan mayo k man naginibo sato. For Congressman Suarez (and to Lagman). Just a reminder, kung ginawa ng inappoint ni Arroyo sa Ombudsman ang trabaho nila hindi ito mangyayari malas lang ni P-Noy kasi sya ang sumalo ng trahedyang ito nakagagawan ng inyong among si Arroyo. You're part to be blamed about what happened you did not resolve earlier Mendoza's case.

  2. the media should also be blamed for what happened...they went beyond their limit...what they telecasted agitated the hostage taker. nung ipinakita nila na hinuhuli ang kapitid ni mendoza, dun nagsimulang barilin ni medoza ang mga hostage. umaabuso kasi ibang networks para sa ratings nila. kawawa naman. :P


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