Zubuchon - Probably, the Tastiest Lechon Ever!

Beside CNT, another Cebu brand that is popular with whole roasted pig (locally termed as Lechon) is Zubuchon. Well, I can't really put into writing how Zubuchon lechon taste like. It's just palatable and addictive. So, here's a little warning for those who have problems in their blood pressure: if you want to eat there, make sure you have someone who can control you. :-) Otherwise, the you may overindulge.

Zubuchon Lechon
Zubuchon offers one of the best Lechon (Photo credit: Roberto Verzo)

Other Lechon-based products

Zubuchon also offers other products, most of them are lechon-based. Their sinigang lechon is a sinigang where the pork used is lechon. Another one is Prichon which is actually, fried lechon. And they also have Mongos, Zubuchon Sisig, Zubuchorizo, Zubuflakes and more.

Kamias Juice to Neutralize the Fats

One of their new products is Kamias Juice. It was a shake made of blended Kamias. We actually expected that the Kamias juice would taste bitter, its natural taste, but to our surprise, it tasted sweet. The combination of Zubuchon Lechon and Kamias juice is just perfect!

Zubuchon Prices and Restaurant Locations

Zubuchon currently have five branches, three of them are restaurants. The restaurants are located at the Escario St.,  Mango Avenue, and ground floor Island Stay hotel in Mactan. The other two are the head office in Cebu City and a store at the Pre-departure area of Mactan International Airport. Here are the contact numbers:

One Mango Avenue Bldg.,
General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

Escario (front of 7-Eleven)
Escario Street, Cebu City

Island Stay Hotel lapu-lapu City
ML Quezon Avenue, Lapu-lapu City

Domestic Pre-departure Area
Mactan Cebu International Airport, Lapu-lapu City
032-3402486 local 3304

Head Office
2651 Villalon Drive, Cebu City

Zubuchon Lechon costs 490 Pesos per kilo (available fresh and frozen). They also accept delivery orders for both Cebu and Manila. Here's the pricing details (as of January 2012).

Size                 Cooked Weight(kg)         Cebu Price (Pesos)             Manila Price*
Zubulite          5.5 - 7                                3500                                    4200
Small              10-13                                  4700                                    5900
Medium         15 - 18                                5700                                    7200

* Manila pricing is inclusive of cargo and other charges; to be picked up at Manila Airport.

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