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How to Request for DOST Scholarship Final Clearance?

Are you one of the recipient of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) scholarships? If you are, you know very well that you are obliged to render service in the country equivalent to the number of years you enjoyed the scholarship.

Now, here's how to request for final clearance once you've finished your service obligation.

Step 1 Get all the required documents.

  • Photocopy of diploma
  • Photocopy of your Transcript of Records
  • Certificate of Employment (with date and number of years employed)
  • Filled-up DOST-Tracer Form (Click the link to download a copy)
  • Request Letter addressed to the DOST-SEI Director
    • The head of the SEI changes, but as writing this article, it is Dr. Josette Biyo

Step 2 Go to the nearest DOST-SEI Regional Office and submit the above documents. Here's the link to the Regional Offices web pages

Step 3 Depending on which regional office you have submitted the request, you may have to wait for few weeks to get the final clearance.

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  1. No need for Certificate of Employment?

  2. Hello po, magtatanong lang po sana kung ano ang mga requirement sa isang company na dapat pasukan ng isang DOST scholar para po credited ang COE later pag kumuha na ng final clearance. salamat po. Fresh grad po ako at balak ko po mangibambansa pagkatapos ng aking return service. Needed guidance. Thank you po. :)

  3. I've read another blog. Is it true that i can just email scanned copies of my COEs and letter of request to SEI and followup after a couple of days thru phone if the final clearance is already released? It's hassle to bring all these documents then return again for pickup of the final clearance. Thank you for the response.

  4. 1. Dapat ba 5years ka ng employed (based sa COEs), o basta 5years since grumaduate ka?
    2. Kailan ka magstart bumilang ng 5years? From date of graduation ba? Last date ng stipend? Date ng scholarship grant?

  5. Hello, nakuha ko na yung letters ko for NBI, DFA nad BI back in 2014. Ang prob ko, hindi ko pa nadadala sa 3 govt agencies :( valid pa din kaya yung clearance ko na yun kahit dated 2014? O kailangan ko ulet magprocess ng request?

    Thank you po.

    1. Im on the same boat. The best thing to do is to try.

  6. Hi. I saw another blog saying that all travel ban for dost scholars is already lifted. Is it true?

    1. i checked with Bureau of Immigration before flying. But NBI clearance will still be a "hit". So clearance from DOST still needed for that purpose.

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  10. Good day po! Im a DOST scholar pero hindi ko po natapos ang program. Wala na po akong stipend 4th year palang ako. Now, I have been employed for almost 10 years pero sa callcenter. Pero gusto ko pong ma clear sa DOST. Pwede po bang gamitin ang COE q sa BPO. BS Mathematics po ang course ko. Thanks po.

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  12. To those looking for updated experience of acquiring DOST Final Clearance, April 2022.
    I am DOST RA 7687 scholar from 2010-2015, just email, with some attachments such as valid id, COE(indicating the total years of service) and clearance request form (can be downloaded online), waited for just 2 weeks and CHARANN! meron ka ng Final Clearance.

    1. Hi! Did you pick up the clearance or did they send it to you via email? Thank you!


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