How to Pay PLDT Bill Using BPI Express Online?

Time is gold especially to busy people. And some essential activities are simply isn't efficient and waste a lot of your time. That's true with paying your PLDT bill. Whether  it's phone, internet or others, going to PLDT office requires some at least 30 minutes to accomplish. That is if there's no long line or traffic along the way. But that's usually the case here in the Philippines.

Anyway, the good news is that you can pay your PLDT bill online using BPI Express Online. That said, you need to have a BPI account as well as an BPI Express Online account too. Here 's some information to help you with that.

Now, here's the step by step procedure on how to enroll your PLDT Bill to your BPI Express online.

1. Log-in to BPI Express Online.

2. In the menu bar, select Payments and Reloading >> Bills Payment >> Enroll All Other Bills

3. Fill up the form. In the Bill Information, look for PHIL LONG DISTANCE TEL (PLDT)

In the Reference Number, enter your 10-digit Account Number. You can see your account number in the upper right portion of your billing statement.

You also need to enter a security information such as email or mother's maiden name.

Click Submit.

You will then receive an email confirming the enrollment of your account.

How to Pay Your PLDT Bill?

1. In the menu bar, go to Payments and Reloading >> Bills Payment >>Pay Bills Today and then fill up the form.

Click Submit.

You will then receive an email confirming your transaction.

BPI says they will forward the payment the next banking day but after 10PM, it will be forwarded to the day after the next banking day or two banking days.

I personally confirmed that if you pay before 10PM today, PLDT will recognize it the next day.


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  1. Thanks for this! Greatly helpful as I can't physically pay my bills currently.

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  5. I've tried paying my PLDT bill through the BPI app yesterday and I'm kinda paranoid because I've been checking my PLDT account and my existing balance / bill is still there. Huhuhuhuhu I'm paranoid because it's the first time I've paid my PLDT bill through online banking. Should I be worried or should I just relax as this is normal? Huhuhuhu halp. Need assurance hahahaha

    1. Same here. Did they already updated yours?


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