3 Islands to Visit in Bohol

Aside from the typical island tour in Bohol where you'll visit the Chocolate hills and check out the small primates called Tarsiers, there are other activities you can add to your itinerary. One of those is island hopping. Here's three islands you can visit in that activity


The island hopping actually begins in Panglao island, the biggest land mass close to Bohol. While you won't need a boat to reach it, you still need to cross any of the two causeways connecting it to the mainland Bohol.

Panglao is home to many interesting spots. The Alona beach in particular is the most famous among tourists. It's Bohol's own version of Boracay albeit the white sand shore is narrower than Bora.
The Alona beach. Fine white sand and palm trees.

From Alona beach you can rent for a boat and diving gear. You can also rent a boat to go and watch for dolphins early in the day. The boat costs 1500 to 2000 Pesos.


Balicasag is another interesting island you can visit. As mentioned, from Alona beach, you can rent a boat for dolphin watching and island hopping. You can tell the driver to take you to Balicasag island. There, you may choose to do snorkeling in a nearby fish sanctuary. To do that, you'll need to rent a small canoe with a driver and a lifeguard. You may pay up to 400 pesos per person if you decide to go to the fish sanctuary. The 150 will be for the snorkel, another 150 pesos for the canoe (including driver and guard) and 100 for environmental fees.
Boats line up in the shores of Balicasag island, Bohol.

Virgin Island/Sandbar

The truth is, the sandbar is not the Virgin Island but many refer to it as the Virgin island. It's a long curved sandbar and is good for a little snorkeling and picture taking. There's nothing in it except few vendors of coconut, fresh sea urchins, and water. It is best visited early in the day or late afternoon. The high noon sun is just too bright.
The sandbar in Virgin island, Bohol

You can visit all three islands in a half a day including about an hour or two for dolphin watching.