General Motors' Diet-True or Hoax?

Have you heard about the so called General Motors’ diet? It has been circulating in the internet for quite a long time now and stimulated variety of reactions. Some say that it’s true and effective and some say that it was just a hoax. We’ll if haven’t heard of it, let me explain a little summary of it.

The General Motors’ diet is a seven day diet program that claims to reduce a person’s weight by at least 10 lbs. Each day within that seven-day period you will be eating different kinds of food from fruits to vegetables and grains. The sequence is very important as explained in the document. It says there that it was a program that will help your body to smoothly undergo the process of weight reduction.

Here’s a copy of that document.
General Motors Diet

General Motors Diet, a Hoax?

Many people are doubting the authenticity of this diet program especially its claim that it was developed for General Motors' employees and their dependents. However, there are also those people who tried and proved to themdelves that it was really effective.

The safest thing to do is to consult a professional dietician or a nutritionist to find out beforehand if this is really effective or if it will cause any complications on your body. Nowadays, there's  a lot of hoax stories that are coming out in the internet taking advantage of the web. The need to be careful and selective to what information to believe is ever increasing.

Also, when a particular diet program worked for your friends it doesn't necessarily means that it will work for you. Everyone has a unique body due to the difference in lifestyle, medical history, etc. Again, to be safe, gather enough trusted information before taking in anything that will affect your health. "Health is wealth!"
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