My Ideas on Blog Comments Moderation

I really appreciate when someone put comments on my blog. It’s a sign that I caught some interest from my visitors. It is also a way where my readers can freely suggest anything he wants with regards to the blog post. But I made a decision to moderate the comments. For the sake of those who are not familiar with blogging, comment moderation is an option where you can decide whether allow comments to appear immediately on your blog or wait for your approval. In my case I opt to choose the latter. I have reasons why I did so.

Avoiding Spam

Like most bloggers, I don’t like the idea that someone will put comments unrelated to the blog posts. Some people use blog commenting to promote their products. This is not entirely bad, for me it’s OK if someone will promote his or her product but I want it to be related to my blog posts.

Inappropriate Words

As the owner of the blog, I have full responsibility regarding what will appear on my website. I personally choose not to include comments that are sarcastic, insulting, about indecent sex, gambling, pornography, drug abuse, discriminatory and other similar things. I want my blog to be something that has “value” to the readers. I want it to be informative and helpful to many.

Freedom of Speech

I support freedom of speech and I am well aware that a blog is a place where one could express his opinions. That is the very reason why I’m blogging-to express my ideas! BUT, I’m not a believer of ABSOLUTE freedom. When there’s no limitation to one’s freedom, there will be ANARCHY. When we are given freedom, we must also use it with discipline and manners considering not only ourselves but others. We are entitled to our own opinions and ideas, but if those ideas and opinions will hurt others, it is better to just keep it to ourselves.

I guess I already explained my standpoint regarding comment moderation. To my readers, please do not be offended if you don’t immediately see your comments appear. Please feel confident that your comments will show up in a day or two if it is worthy of appearance.


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