Cebu Pacific Promos: How to Get the News Fast?

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I really love Cebu Pacific promos. It saves me a lot of money. For example, this December, I am travelling to Manila only for 200 pesos. Wow! Before, I used to spend more or less 2000 pesos (one-way) just for the airfare. This marketing strategy of Cebu Pacific caused them to win the competition regarding long distance transportation. It not only dethroned the former market leader Philippine Airlines (PAL), but it also stole the market of passenger shipping lines. And the best thing about these promotions is that the end consumers are the ones who benefit the most because it drives down the prices of travel via airplane.

Promos Are Lasting Earlier Than Before

To avail these promotions though, you have to book during the allowed booking period scheduled by them. So this requires you to know firsthand whether there’s a promo. Although the news about their promos is spreading crazily fast like viral infection, you can’t guarantee that the news will reach you in time. There are times, and I noticed it’s getting more frequent, that the extremely-low-airfare promos (e.g. piso and zero fare) last earlier than the prescribed last day of booking. I remembered one case this November, in their promo, Piso Fare. It was offering more than a hundred thousand of seats for one peso. It was supposed to start October 31 and last until November 2. What happened is that, it last super early! By the afternoon of October 31, the promo came to its halt—all the more than 100,000 seats have been sold out. Wow! And I’m very much thankful that I booked my tickets just before it.

The Reason Behind

Probably the reason behind this very fast run out is the increasing number of internet bookers. Also, Cebu Pacific had improved with regards to booking payment. Before, they only allowed credit cards but now even debit ATM cards of selected banks are allowed. You can also reserve a confirmation number and just pay it over-the-counter on the same day. Yes, the promos are now opened to more people than before, so the competition over the promo slots is getting tighter.

How to Get the Info Fast!

So how you can you get the fastest news about their promos? I listed down some tips arranged from the most effective (in my experience) to the least.

1. Visit their website daily.(Most effective!)
2. Request your friends to tell you immediately when there’s a promo.
3. Subscribe to their email notification/twitter. (Email is always late, dunno of twitter)

Based on my experience, visiting their website is the most effective way to get the information first hand. I put email notification as the least effective one. Their email notifications arrive too late. It was always delayed! So do not rely on this.

Before I end this article though, I would like to invite the readers on free subscription on this blog. I can’t guarantee to give you the fastest news about cheap airfare promos, but I may help by posting articles as soon as I can when I heard about these promos. You can have free subscription via:

1. Email
2. Twitter
3. RSS readers (Yahoo, Mozilla, Google, Bloglines)

Please take note that in order to receive the email notifications though, after you registered your email address, you have to verify it by following the link sent by Feedburner to your registered email address.
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